Influencer Campaign Report Template


So you just wrapped up a brand campaign, and your client asked if you could please send them your post insights. How? What's the best way to do this? How do you also let brands know you'd love to work with them again? Create a professional Campaign Report! Companies want to hire influencers who are good communicators, detail orientated, and results-focused - a good Report will prove that you're one of those influencers ;)

This Campaign Report template is the same one I use to wrap up all of my brand campaigns (REI, Travel & Leisure, etc.). Clients love it because it's highly organized, cleanly designed, and presented in a document they can easily pull up in a meeting with their bosses or colleagues. Includes fill-in-the-blank copy and tables that are 100% customizable on Canva.


- (2) Title Page Templates, Overview Page, (2) Results/ Insights Page Templates, Conclusion Page. All fill-in-the-blank style and completely customizable with Canva.

- Included is a Campaign Report video where we'll walk through best practices for editing and creating campaign reports that make your clients go, "Oooooo. Ahhhhhhh."

- For influencers and creators who like going the extra mile. This is a great way to take your professionalism up a notch as a content creator!