(2) Influencer Campaign Report Template


After you finish a brand campaign, send them a report with your post stats that they'll really appreciate.

This Campaign Report template is the same one I use to wrap up all my brand campaigns (REI, Travel & Leisure, etc.).

Reports like this have helped me improve my brand relationships and land long-term brand deals upwards of $30,000!

Perfect for influencers who would love to have long term relationships with brands and want to impress current and future sponsors!


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brand deals landed with this template:


Email Sent:

$30K, 4-month brand deal landed:


Earnings Receipt:

unmissable Features

Edit with ease—100% customizable on Canva.com (drag and drop). No Photoshop skills needed!

2 Campaign Report Templates (4-page report), all fill-in-the-blank style so you can write with ease

Included is a Campaign Report video where we'll walk through best practices for editing and creating campaign reports that make your clients go, "Oooooo. Ahhhhhhh."



Hi! I'm Dani.

i can help because i've been there

I was fired from my 9-5 and I turned that loss into 230k+ followers & 6-figures worth of brand deals.

After being fired, I decided to give the influencer thing a shot, wasting YEARS in the DIY phase.

And after tons of trial and error, I finally figured out the "secret Krabby Patty formulas" for writing pitches, creating a media kit, and growing my community.

I've been able to work with brands like Mazda, American Express, and TripAdvisor, travel the world, and help other influencers do the same!

My mission is to pull you out of the DIY loop so you can spend more time growing your influencer business.