Personal Instagram Audit—Video Recording


Are you a current influencer and hit a plateau with your growth? or maybe you're a new influencer and are kind of confused about where to start with building your unique brand that reflects who YOU are.

I get it, and I've been there. However, one of the most frustrating parts about being an influencer is playing that guessing game of, "Am I doing this right?"

I'll Audit

Overall IG profile, Instagram Bio, your content, quality of your profile

I'll be providing suggestions on how you can better perform in your niche to grow on IG and attract your dream clients.

I'll also provide suggestions on overall improvement of your profile so you can create a personal brand that's a reflection of your uniqueness!

This will be delivered to you in a video format. After clicking "Buy" you'll get access to a Teachable Portal that details all the next steps!


Let me help! Book a personalized Instagram Audit and get my unfiltered feedback on how you can improve. We want you to live your influencer dreams and keep GROWING so you can relish in all the freedom that comes with having an online career.

With 7+ years of experience, I've built my online footprint to 230k+ followers across multiple platforms and landed 6-figures in brand deals with companies like American Express, Adobe, Travel & Leisure, MAZDA, and TripAdvisor. But more importantly, I've helped dozens achieve these same results.

An Instagram Audit from me is the best way to get the feedback and guidance you need to start making more progress with your influencer dreams.

"Dani really gives you the real talk about this business and influencer stuff from A to Z, she doesn’t hold back on her value—she was able to apply her knowledge of the industry to my personal story, which boosted my confidence so much. 

I love that she’s been successful and she’s just so easy to talk to and excited for you and your influencer business.”


I need this!