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#KnowYourWorth Pricing Masterclass

A 60-minute Masterclass for new and current influencers who want help pricing their content—desiring to get paid the rates they want and earn more money on their first or next brand deal.

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Join the waitlist and save $100 on my new 60-minute Masterclass: #KnowYourWorth. The ultimate Masterclass to help influencers find their rates, know when to ask for more money, and feel confident charging brands.

Ready to set higher rates for brand deals?

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"We're so close to making six-figures this year!"

We’ve scored much bigger deals with what we learned. Dani has been an amazing coach and has answered all of my questions, and I love that we have a little community to support each other. I refer back to her teachings so much and it’s very valuable especially for the legal/negotiation side of things. Would recommend it to anyone!” 

- @theloverspassport

Kind words from clients

I want to talk to creators who don't charge enough (or at all) for brand deals because you don't feel like you have the qualifications to do it.

Maybe sometimes you feel like you don't even know what to say to brands, or you don't know what you're supposed to be charging for.

And when a brand DOES ask for your rates, in your head, you're like


Maybe you've been avoiding working with the brands you actually want to work with because you feel like you have no idea what you're doing.

Or maybe you're just accepting whatever rateS brands throw at you.


I want you to know that figuring out your rates isn't as complicated as you're making it.

I want you to know that sometimes, not negotiating better-paying deals for yourself impacts your ability to land and pitch your dream sponsors.

I want you to know that it's possible to learn exactly what the brands you negotiate with need to hear to take you seriously and pay you more.

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I want you to know that you CAN be charging more for your influencer work, and you don't have to accept the first offer brands throw at you.

And I want you to know that there can be ONE pricing strategy you learn about in #KYW that would pull you out of the thought pattern keeping you stuck and feeling unconfident in your influencer business.
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You just have to decide that you're willing to elevate your influencer skillset.

Then you need to take action.

An in-depth pricing class with actionable, no-fluff BS. For new and experienced influencers who want to get paid the rates they want and earn more from sponsors.


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multi-figure brand deals students have landed

This masterclass is for you if...

You desire to feel confident AF in yourself and your pricing

You're confused about what you should be charging brands and often guess what to charge

You're sick of landing free brand deals and want to start getting paid what you're worth

You feel intimidated asking brands for money and aren't sure how to justify higher rates

You find yourself often taking the first number brands throw at you and aren't sure when to ask for more

You don't know enough about brand contracts and aren't sure what to look for before signing your name to a deal

You want to score bigger brand deals or your first paid deal

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A step-by-step guide on how to set your standard sponsored post and video post rates with examples

tons of value!

What you'll receive inside the 60-minute #KnowYourWorth Pricing Masterclass:


Rate examples

An in-depth walkthrough of an actual brand contract where you will see what legal jargon and contract clauses signal you NEED to charge more


Brand contract walkthrough

The skills to calculate your rates when a brand comes to you with a deal & examine brand offers for opportunities to charge more


a new skillset

The ability to review sponsor contracts on your own so you can catch line items that could be costing you thousands


Review contracts

Strategies for increasing your rates and actionable steps you can take to start charging more for brand deals


Pricing Strategies

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what we'll cover in 60-minutes:

How to price your content, so you never undercharge again

How to read brand contracts for triggers to charge more

THIS IS HUGE: We'll look at an actual brand contract so you can see how things are worded in legal jargon + how to charge for all that stuff

When to increase your rates

and you get these yummy bonuses

A bonus invoice template with a step-by-step editing walkthrough

A 60-page Pricing & Financial Goal Setting Workbook that will help you calculate your rates AND set income goals (start making actual income from this stuff!)

A downloadable Rate Calculator

A Budget Sheet so you can track your damn spending and income (boss mode activated)

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the kinds of brand deals we like to see:


Client win!

$5,200 Brand Deal:

$10,000 Brand Deal:

$16,500 Brand Deal:

$3,000 Brand Deal:

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Hi! I'm Dani.

i can help because i've been there

I was fired from my 9-5 and I turned that loss into 230k+ followers & 6-figures worth of brand deals.

After being fired, I decided to give the influencer thing a shot, wasting YEARS in the DIY phase.

And after tons of trial and error, I finally figured out the "secret Krabby Patty formulas" for writing pitches, creating a media kit, and growing my community.

I've been able to work with brands like Mazda, American Express, and TripAdvisor, travel the world, and help other influencers do the same!

My mission is to pull you out of the DIY loop so you can spend more time growing your influencer business.

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as seen in

The #knowyourworth mission:

I want creators of every size to stop getting taken advantage of. I want you to earn the money I KNOW influencers like you can!

I've worked with dozens of influencers 1:1 and in my course #Sponsored Bootcamp. One of the biggest learning curves and pain points I see is not knowing what to charge.

Or worse... how to justify higher rates to brands. Not to mention, brands often sneak extras in your brand contracts you don't even know you should be charging for! I've been there. That all ends here.

I want you to walk away from this Masterclass with the knowledge and confidence you need to create fair rates for sponsored content. And more importantly, I want you to keep asking for more as your influencer biz grows!

Find your rates for sponsored content so you never undercharge for a brand deal and start making the money you deserve.

#knowyourworth is going to help you:




Understand what to look for in brand contracts so you don't miss any opportunities to get paid more or negotiate better deals.

Know how to justify higher rates to brands so you can communicate with sponsors like a pro.

Feel confident in your pricing and in your influencer business, knowing your rates will grow as you grow!


WHat clients have to say

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