Utah state’s captivating natural landscapes and dry, semi-arid climate  make it a popular destination for hikers and adventure seekers.

With so many remarkable national parks covering the state, it’s easy to justify adding Utah to your travel bucket list.

I’ll use my experience to tell you everything you need to know about  these amazing spots and give you a map to reference during your Utah  trip!

Courthouse Towers & Park Avenue (Sunrise)

You can do a fair two-mile sunrise hike (roughly 60 minutes) and enjoy a bit of morning exercise on the trail.

What starts as flat planes gets steeper as you ascend — bring trekking poles as needed! When you finally get to the big boulder, an impressive vista is your reward.

Delicate Arch (Sunrise)

The trail is quite delightful, with few stairs and easy inclines.  Expect exceptional golden glows with touches of red and orange at  sunset!

Turret Arch (Sunset)

Aiming for an original wallpaper and screensaver-worthy photograph?  Position yourself under the arches to get immaculate images of the sun  rising!

The Windows (Sunrise)

The aptly named Balanced Rock, at 128 feet (39m) tall, is iconic because of its appearance and what it symbolizes.

Balanced Rock (Sunrise)

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