11 Best Sedona Sunrise & Sunset Hikes for Unreal Views

Sedona, Arizona, is an oasis for photographers, hikers, and  explorers, full of vortexes, red rocks, and adventures. But you know  what’s really amazing? Sedona sunsets and sunrises!

As a hiker’s heaven, there are TONS of trails to explore (from difficult to easy Sedona hikes), but not all are ideal for sunset and sunrise.

So let’s clear up what are the best Sedona sunset and sunrise hikes.

Cathedral Rock is the iconic landmark you’ve probably seen in most pictures of Sedona. It is GORGEOUS  at sunset, so you’ll want to have your camera gear ready!

Cathedral Rock (Sunset)

Red Rock Crossing is the perfect place to enjoy a Sedona sunset over Cathedral Rock, minus the strenuous hike!

Red Rock Crossing via Verde Valley Road (Sunset)

Devil’s Bridge glitters with the prettiest golden color in the morning, making it one of the best Sedona hikes for sunrise.

Devil’s Bridge via Chuck Wagon Trail (Sunrise)

Bear Mountain Trail is more on the strenuous side of all the sunrise hiking trails in Sedona, AZ.

Bear Mountain Trail (Sunrise)

Caves and pools and sinkholes, oh my! Soldier Pass trail happens to have all of those, making it an enjoyable Sedona hike for your next sunrise.

Soldier Pass Trail via Cibola Pass (Sunrise)

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