13 Best & Unique Things To Do In Flagstaff, AZ | Local Recs

Flagstaff is entirely different from what comes to mind when one thinks of “stereotypical” Arizona.

Pine trees, canyons, log cabins, and – under the right conditions —  winter snow are what make Flagstaff, AZ, the beautiful city it is.

I’m pulling from my experience as a local to tell you all the details! Let’s dive right in.

Take a Drive Through the San Francisco Peaks

Driving around is one of the best things to do, even if you only have a weekend because you’ll get to see  the volcanic formations that make it so unique.

Downtown Flagstaff is one of the cutest city centers you’ve ever seen. It’s full of historic Flagstaff buildings, and Route 66 runs right through it.

Explore Historic Downtown Flagstaff

Macy’s European Cafe is a rustic coffee shop serving up vegan muffins and scones, among other treats. Not to mention, their lattes are pretty tasty too!

Sample a Muffin at Macy’s European Cafe

Known for its aspens, the Inner Basin area is probably one of the most popular hikes in Northern AZ.

Hike or Mountain Bike Inner Basin Trail

When I first visited this area, it reminded me of more exotic places like Iceland!

Go Back in Time at the Volcanic Fields

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