Idaho is MUCH more than potatoes. With the Sawtooth Mountains and  beautiful nature scenes, there’s no reason Idaho shouldn’t be on your bucket list.

And when you go, you can explore some of the best Idaho hot springs! But  with about 130 soakable springs, not all of Idaho’s hot springs are worth a visit.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about each spring and where to find them! Let’s dive in.

Goldbug Hot Springs

Goldbug was the very first Idaho hot spring Scott, and I visited. It’ll blow you away! Upon arriving at the parking lot, you will see a box for a suggested donation.

The Boat Box hot spring is a bit tricky to find. It sits below a small roadside pull-off, so it is easy to miss.

Boat Box Hot Springs

Gold Fork Hot Springs features gorgeous pools with naturally sourced water from the ground. This Idaho hot spring is more commercial than the others you’ve seen so far.

Gold Fork Hot Springs

Know for its barn-style exterior; this Idaho hot spring is in a resort. So you have a couple of options for soaking here.

Mountain Village Resort

Cove Creek Hot Springs is made up of two tiny little pools down by the Salmon River. The water comes up from below, making the bottom of the pools reasonably hot.

Cove Creek Hot Springs

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