18 Things to Do in the Adirondack Mountains’ Fall Foliage Season

New York’s Adirondack Mountains are a dream come to life for any true adventurer, especially in the fall.

From camping to photography, there are hordes of things to do during the Adirondack Mountains’ fall foliage.

Read on to discover exciting things one can do this fall in the  Adirondacks region. You’ll also find the best places to view the  Adirondack fall foliage, where to stay, practical tips, and more.

Best Time to Visit Adirondacks for Fall Foliage

This will be from late September to about the third week of October.

Camping in the Adirondacks will have you surrounded by falling foliage. There are many camping sites dotted around the region.

Pitch Your Tent and Go Camping

This one is no surprise, but hiking up to viewpoints is the best way to see the mountainous region in all its splendor.

Hike Through The Many Splendid Trails

While you’re there for the fall foliage, you might as well go and discover some hidden waterfalls in the Adirondacks.

Chase Waterfalls

Brightly colored leaves are not the only thing blossoming during  fall. You’ll find animals frolicking around during this time of year as  they prepare for winter.

Keep An Eye Out For Wildlife

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