27 Ultimate Things to Do in the White Mountains, NH

In need of an outdoor escape? Put your mind at ease and embrace the  adventure that awaits you in the serene northern regions of New  Hampshire.

You can take on exhilarating hikes and uncover replenishing waterfalls  to enjoy nature to its fullest. But there are more things to do in the  White Mountains NH beyond walks and picnics.

This list contains some of the top sights and attractions that you must see when visiting these mountains.

A sweet treat has never hurt anybody. And you can get your tasty fill of sugary delights at none other than Aloto Gelato.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Aloto Gelato

There’s something about a cold beer or refreshing martini at the end of a busy day, and the Black Diamond is no short of options.

Indulge in Craft Drinks at Black Diamond Pub

This is a place where you can simply sit back with a red at hand and enjoy the woodfire ambiance.

Share a Pizza at Celli’s Pizzeria

Black Mtn. is renowned for dishing out impressively large burgers with comforting and unique flavors.

Feast at Black Mtn. Burger Co.

Want to wine and dine in a unique spot? This dinner train features a two-hour ride complete with a five-course dinner.

Have Dinner at the Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train

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