Acadia National Park Fall Guide | Things to Do & When to Visit

This 47,000-acre stretch of land is a dream to explore any time of the  year — which is why it sees around 3.5 million visitors yearly.

With leaves transforming into various shades of red, yellow, and green,  Acadia National Park becomes a photographer’s dream in the fall.

Crowds start to dwindle, and the air becomes crisp and cool, making it  the perfect time to explore this jewel of the North Atlantic.

Why Visit Acadia in Fall?

The warm, vibrant hues of the fall foliage contrast  beautifully with the evergreen trees, blue waters, and rugged rock on  the coast.

The peak time to see the leaves transform into amber and golden shades is around mid-October.

Best Time to See Acadia National Park Fall Colors

The best way to get around in Acadia National Park is by rental car (or your own).

How to Get Around in Acadia National Park

This beautiful pond is said to have formed during the last glacial period by the Wisconsin Ice Sheet.

Visit Jordan Pond

The Bubble Rock is one of Acadia National Park’s iconic viewpoints — and perhaps even one of the most iconic boulders in Maine.

Hike to the Bubble Rock Viewpoints

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