Banff in Winter | Ultimate Guide for Your Winter Wonderland Trip

Gatorade blue water, mountain peaks, and endless adventure make Banff National Park a special place to visit.

And while some folks save this bucket list destination for the summer months, visiting Banff in winter can be equally, if not more, special.

With a heavy dusting of snow, it becomes a winter wonderland that’ll  make your heart sing—or freeze; please dress warm (kidding).

Winter in Banff National Park is from December through March. During that time, you can expect lots of snow and cold temperatures!

When is Winter in Banff?

The best part about dog sledding in Banff is that there are a ton of companies to choose from.

Go Dog Sledding


Johnston’s Canyon was a summer favorite of mine in Banff, but it is equally as beautiful in the winter!

Hike Johnston’s Canyon


Banff is 110% the place to be if you want to get your skates on this winter. When winter hits in Banff, the lakes freeze over.

Try Ice Skating


At the top, you’ll find some fantastic restaurants that will give you some of the best dinner views of your life.

Ride the Banff Gondola


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