Birthing Cave Hike Sedona, AZ – How to Get There + Map

Famous for its iconic teardrop shape and sacred (oooooh) powers,  visitors near and far visit Birthing Cave in Sedona, Arizona, to marvel  at its existence.

Believe it or not, this cave used to be relatively hush-hush and hard to find. As a result, it was and easy Sedona hike primarily visited by locals!

Over time, the Birthing Cave has become a must-see Sedona attraction for Sedona first-timers and frequent fliers.

Your hike to the Birthing Cave Sedona will begin on Long Canyon  Trail. To get to the trailhead from the heart of Sedona, AZ, head west  on 89A.

Getting to the Trailhead

The best time to hike Birthing Cave Sedona is for sunrise or in the late  afternoon to evening—these times will offer the best light for photos.

Best Time to Go

Hiking to the Birthing Cave is so easy it’s almost too good to be true. Once parked, begin your hike down Long Canyon Trail.

Hiking to Birthing Cave Sedona

You’ll notice a human-sized hole in the very back and center of the  Birthing Cave Sedona. This is where some folks position themselves to  take pictures!

Inside the Cave

To get the best photos of the Birthing Cave, you’ll want to have a 16-35mm lens. But, of course, that’ll be even better if you have an ultra-wide lens!

Where to Take the Best Pics

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