Canyonlands vs. Grand Canyon: Which Is Better?

When it comes to spectacular natural wonders, nothing in the United  States comes close to the magical landscapes of the Southwest.

From the rugged terrains of Utah, dotted with mesas, plateaus, and  river-eroded canyons, to the deserted lands of Arizona full of saguaros,  the American Southwest is a must-see destination.

You can draw many comparisons between the different national parks in  the Southwest, but this guide focuses on the two that partially owe  their existence to the mighty Colorado River.

Both the Grand Canyon and Canyonlands were carved out by the Colorado River, with the Green River also playing a major role in creating the Canyonlands.

Canyonlands vs. Grand Canyon — The Breakdown

Both Canyonlands and Grand Canyon are among the most visited national parks in the Southwest Region of the United States.


Both national parks experience extremely hot temperatures, especially in summer. Canyonlands temperature averages about 92°F, while the Grand Canyon reaches about 93°F.

Scorching Summer Weather

Although these national parks look the same, Canyonlands is more of a giant open crater. The Grand Canyon is made up of a series of deep canyons.

Shape and Size

Both national parks are located in the Southwest, but Canyonlands is in Utah, and the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.


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