Charleston Travel Guide | SC Tips, Vacation Ideas & More

If you’re seeking a break from everyday life with a well-deserved  getaway in South Carolina, the state’s oldest city is a lovely  destination for an idyllic escape.

Charleston boasts an array of fun activities and historical architecture that will leave you gazing in awe!

Here, you can wander around the cobblestoned streets, relax on the  sandy shores, or hop in a horse-drawn carriage and learn about way back  when.

Your vacation would be incomplete without visiting this historic market. It’s one of the oldest markets in South Carolina and spans four city blocks.

Browse Around the Historic Charleston City Market

On the one-hour journey through the cobblestone streets,  you’ll get a glimpse of the past and learn about the local history,  culture, and architectural gems!

Take a Horse & Carriage Tour

Rainbow Row is a collection of thirteen pastel-colored homes on East Bay  Street. This beautiful location is a must-see for anyone planning to travel here.

Admire Architecture on Rainbow Row

You’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale as you stroll around the picturesque gardens filled with thousands of gorgeous flowers and plants.

Wander Around the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

This popular shopping area is home to various retailers selling everything from fashion and home décor to antiques and art.

Window Shop on King Street

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