Complete Redwood National Park Guide: Read Before You Go

Redwood National Park is a magical place nestled in the hard-to-reach  Northwestern corner of California—making it an almost untouched piece of  Mother Nature’s beauty.

If you’re already planning a Redwood National Park itinerary, this Redwood National Park guide will be the next best accessory that won’t go out of style during your trip planning.

I cover all the pesky details you’ll want to know before you go so your trip is smooth as butter.

RNSP stands for Redwood National and State Parks. Truthfully, while 139,000 acres is a ton of ground, Redwood National Park itself is sparse.

First, What is RNSP?

2.5 mile trail in Prairie Creek that takes you deep into the Redwoods, through tree tunnels, and more!

Hike Karl Knapp Trail

Scenic driving route in Jedediah Smith State Park features trails and other stops.

Drive Howland Hill Road

A popular Redwood trail that starts from Howland Hill Road.

Hike Boy Scout Tree Trail

A lush canyon covered head-to-toe in large ferns and looks like it belongs in Lord of the Rings.

Fern Canyon

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