Doe Mountain Trail Sedona – An Easy Sunrise Hike

Let me introduce you to the Doe Mountain trail in Sedona, Arizona.

Doe Mountain is one of my favorite easy Sedona hikes because it’s short and offers some great views that you’ll regret missing out on if you skip the trail during your Sedona itinerary.

Let’s get into Doe Mountain trail and everything to expect on trail!

So Doe Mountain is kiiiiiiind of a popular hike, but not nearly as popular as trails like Devil’s Bridge and Cathedral Rock Vortex.

Hiking Doe Mountain Trail

The beginning of the Doe Mountain hike wastes no time! As soon as you  hop on the trail, you’ll begin a gradual incline to the top.

The Start

After about 5 minutes, you’ll start to get a better view of your surroundings! At this point, the path can get a bit rocky, and you should watch your footing!

The Middle

THIS IS THE FINAL PUSHHHHH. The end of the Doe Mountain trail requires you to scramble just a tad. I mean, like two seconds.

The End

There is a bit of a trail at the top of Doe Mountain that you can use as your guide for exploring the top and taking photos.

The Top of Doe Mountain

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