Hiking Bear Mountain Trail: A Majestic Sedona Summit

Hiking Bear Mountain Trail Sedona is a real treat. Yes, this hike is a  bit more strenuous than other Sedona trails, but the views are  extraordinary.

As a matter of fact, on a clear morning, you can witness the first hot  air balloons in flight over Sedona. Talk about a way to see the sunrise!

We’re going to cover what exactly to expect on the trail. Then we’ll  talk about some tips for your hike. That way, you’ll have the best damn  adventure possible.

Bear Mountain is best enjoyed at sunrise. When you hike at sunrise, you have a good chance of seeing hot air balloons.

When to Go

You’ll have a flat hike as you approach the gate and continue on the  trail. The path is nestled in a field of golden grass, surrounded by red  rocks.

The Start of the Hike

Once you conquer the first hill up Bear Mountain Trail Sedona, you’ll have a gradual climb to the summit.

The Middle

When you reach the top of the trail, you’ll be greeted by a summit sign—woohoo! When you get up here, enjoy the views!

The Summit

The most important things to pack for your hike up Bear Mountain Trail will be sturdy hiking boots and sun coverage.

What to Pack

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