How to Enjoy Bell Rock Vortex Sedona for an Incredible Adventure

Bell Rock Vortex, known for its unique bell shape, needs to be at the top of your Sedona bucket list.

Alone, it’s pretty special, but with its proximity to Courthouse Butte  and scenic surroundings, an adventurer like you will love experiencing  this special formation!

As a local, it took me years to figure that out, which is why I’m using this to spill all the tea.

A vortex is a large sum of energy from the universe. Some folks believe that Sedona is like the mecca for vortex energy.

But Okay, What is a Vortex?

To see some of the best views Bell Rock offers, you’ll want to take the Bell Rock Climb trail. But, fair warning, this hike isn’t for the faint of heart.

Bell Rock Climb

This is the loop trail you’ll be taking for about 2 miles until it reconnects will Bell Rock Trail. 

Courthouse Butte Bell Rock Loop

As far as where to take the best photos, you’ll find that along Bell Rock Climb trail is pretty great for pictures.

Best Bell Rock Vortex Photo Spots

IDK about you, but I am a CLUTZ on trail. And when it comes to hiking in Sedona, tripping on some red rocks is no joke!

Sturdy Hiking Boots

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