How to Stay Safe as a Female Traveler — Tips & Tools

Staying safe as a female traveler is of upmost importance. The last  thing we want to think about as we’re jet-setting is the risk of  something happening to us.

I’m going to talk about some of my go-to female travel safety  tips, precautionary measures you can take, and what I’m calling my  “pocket” super hero that I know I can count on.

As the views in my life became more dramatic, so did the risks. Read on to learn more!

Be Prepared

Doing your research before arriving at a new destination is crucial. For  example, I always look up the closest hospitals to make sure I’m aware  of my surroundings.

Basic travel insurance is great for lost luggage or stolen camera gear, these policies won’t always cover you for medical evacuations or an international crisis.

Get Coverage

Knowing a few key phrases in a country’s native language can help you communicate with locals, read street signs, and more.

Learn a Little Bit of the Local Language

I let a friend or family member back home know exactly where I will be at all times.

Always Tell Someone Where You Are Going

I love sharing where I am on social media as much as the next person, but I always wait to post about my exact location.

Keep Your Location Discrete on Social Media

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