Magical 2 Day Redwood National Park Itinerary

What if I told you there was a place in Northern Cali that belongs in a Lord of the Rings type movie.

Somewhere tree-lovers near and far could only dream of. “Dani, What?” I couldn’t believe it either until I planned a 2 day Redwood National Park itinerary.

We will go over my suggestions for the perfect Redwood National Park 2  day itinerary, complete with some information about things to do in the area.

I recommend making Crescent City your home base for the entire trip!

Where to Stay

Jedediah became one of my favorite places to see in Redwood  National Park, and it sits a few miles inland from the coast of  California.

Jedediah Smith State Park

I highly recommend driving along Howland Hill Road (if you’re up for more driving). This is where you’ll be able to get up close and personal with giant redwoods.

Howland Hill Road

You can hike among giant redwoods on the 2.5mi Karl Knapp Trail. Along the way, you’ll walk through tree tunnels and find hideaways within the trees.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Prairie Creek remains one of my favorite hiking trails to date and you’ll love it too!

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

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