One Day in Bryce Canyon Itinerary

Nestled within southern Utah’s vast expanse, Bryce Canyon National  Park stands as a magnificent reflection of nature’s brilliance.

The distinctive orange and red hue and mesmerizing landscapes of Bryce Canyon attract over a million visitors every year.

There is much to see at Bryce Canyon, but if you’ve only got a day to  spare, this one day in Bryce Canyon itinerary is the perfect guide.

To maximize your one day at Bryce Canyon National Park, you’ll need to get an early start. Sunrise is the most magical time in this region.

Catch the Sunrise

If you only have the time or the energy to do one hike during your one day in Bryce Canyon, let it be this one.

Hike The Navajo Trail

You can take the main road from the park’s entrance all the way to Yovimpa Points at the end of the road.

Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive

The Mossy Cave Trail is the perfect short-and-sweet route to take if you still fancy a bit of hiking at this time of day.

Mossy Cave Trail

There are no off-road trails within the park, but it’s all in the name of natural preservation and safety, which isn’t so bad.

Biking at Bryce Canyon

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