Perfect Day Trip to Sedona from Scottsdale

If you want to be enchanted by Sedona’s stunning landscape, then a day trip to Sedona from Scottsdale should be on the cards.

During this 24-hour journey, you’ll soak up the breathtaking beauty of Sedona’s renowned red rock formations.

From cozy cafés to invigorating hiking spots, Sedona’s got it all. And hopefully you love it as much as I do!

Grab a sandwich and a bottle of water before leaving your hotel and head to Red Rock State Park.

Hike in Red Rock State Park

If you’re an early riser like me and want to catch sunrise over Sedona, I’m a huge fan of Doe Mountain! It’s an incredibly easy hike with 360 views of the red rocks.

Doe Mountain

Located in the heart of Sedona is this cultural landmark. Here, you’ll get to admire locally crafted artwork and souvenirs.

Shop and Soak Up Some Art at Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village

If Sedona’s stunning red rocks didn’t enchant you on your morning hike, then the Chapel of the Holy Cross will.

Head to the Chapel of the Holy Cross

They say traveling is about the journey and not the destination. No place further exemplifies this than the Sedona Heritage Museum.

Visit Sedona Heritage Museum

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