Sedona vs. Scottsdale | An In-Depth Desert City Guide

Living in Scottsdale and having traveled to Sedona countless times, I’ve  had the pleasure of experiencing the distinct charm both cities bring  to Arizona’s vast desert landscape.

From Scottsdale’s chic urban vibe to Sedona’s tranquil red rock splendor, the Southwest offers a rich tapestry of experiences.

Sedona and Scottsdale offer a unique blend of natural beauty and  cultural allure, from mesmerizing desert sunsets to enchanting local  attractions.

Learn About & Explore a Sedona Vortex

Sedona’s Vortex locations are characterized as spaces that contain seemingly otherworldly energy.

Sedona has a fine selection of eventful happenings to look forward to throughout the year.

Attend a Festival

The Scottsdale Art District, with its location mainly in the Old Town, has a variety of arty avenues to explore, which feature an  assortment of art forms.

Explore the Art District

With around 50 golf courses within the city’s bounds, Scottsdale is a  golfer’s paradise in terms of quantity and quality fairways.

Practice Your Swing at a Luxury Golf Course

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight into a Western film once you’ve set foot in these parts.

Find Your Inner Cowboy at MacDonald’s Ranch

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