Soldier Pass Trail Sedona, AZ: Ultimate Guide to this Epic Hike

Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona, AZ, is a classic! It’s known for popular landmarks like Devil’s Kitchen and Seven Sacred Pools.

The famous sinkhole and natural pools are visited by millions each year because they’re unique to the trail.

You can off-road Soldiers Pass or join this path with another nearby  trail, making it a loop hike. In other words, there are countless ways to enjoy this Sedona gem.

Devil’s Kitchen

Believe it or not, Devil’s Kitchen  is an active sinkhole! There used to be an underground cave there, but  it eventually collapsed.

The Seven Sacred Pools were naturally carved over time. And while it is rare to see them full, it’s not impossible!

Seven Sacred Pools

An excellent way to tell if you’re in the right place is to look at  the right-hand fork. You will see a tree with a “Wilderness” sign nailed  to it.

The Secret Cave

All of the best photo spots along Soldier Pass come one after  another. I suggest taking pictures at Devil’s Kitchen and Seven Sacred  Pools.

The Best Photo Spots

The cave is a great photo spot too! Some of my favorite photos from this area come from Brins Mesa. The top of the trail is incredibly scenic!

The Best Photo Spots

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