Things to Do in Woodstock, VT: Top Attractions & Activities

Named the prettiest town in America, Woodstock, VT, holds a myriad of exciting and insightful activities.

This ideal New England village has outdoor activities, architectural attractions, and plenty of small hidden gems to discover.

If you’re taking a trip but are unsure of what to do in Woodstock, VT, the next slides cover everything you need to know.

Check Out Downtown Woodstock, Vermont

This is a great time to discover the town’s many boutique stores, coffee shops, and general atmosphere.

This is a great activity, and there’s something for the whole family. The outdoor history museum is also a fully operational dairy farm.

Stop by the Billings Farm and Museum

This park is home to the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller Mansion, which you can visit and take a self-guided tour through.

Visit the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

Stop by one of the many sugar shacks located around Woodstock and get a taste of this Vermont staple.

Sample Some Maple Syrup

Take a drive through the woods and go to the famous Sleepy Hollow farm! The farm was originally opened in the late 1780s by two brothers from Connecticut.

Sleepy Hollow Farm

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