Ultimate 4 Days in Yellowstone: Your Bucket List Itinerary

Yellowstone National Park is the first park in the USA and popular for a reason.

With its geysers, geo-thermal hot springs, colorful wonders, vast  landscapes, and wildlife, any visitor would find themselves in awe of  Yellowstone’s natural beauty.

Based on my experience in the park, I’ve written this Yellowstone 4 day itinerary with everything you need to know for planning a trip to Yellowstone!

Opened in 1915, Grand Loop Road is a scenic, paved drive that makes up the primary road system in Yellowstone!

Morning Drive Along Grand Loop Road

The Mount Washburn hike is a 6.8-mile, moderately challenging route  that will take you to one of the prettiest views of Yellowstone National  Park.

Hike Mount Washburn

Its waters sit at a toasty 114 degrees and flow into the Gardner River from the Mammoth Hot Springs area.

Soak in Boiling River Hot Springs

No, you can’t take a dip in these hot springs, but Mammoth Hot  Springs will be the perfect place to experience your first Yellowstone  sunset.

Mammoth Hot Springs Sunset

As the sun comes over the mountains, the entire valley starts  to look more and more like a painting—this was easily one of the best  sunrises I’ve ever seen!

Sunrise Over Lamar Valley

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