Ultimate Guide to Kirkham Hot Springs Idaho for a Memorable Soak

Did you know that Idaho has about 130 soakable hot spring pools? Like, whaaaaat is life? BUT, it’s a bit unrealistic to think that you’ll take a  dip in all of those, right?

If you have time for ONE hot soak in Idaho, you have to make sure it’s this one.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know about Kirkham. From  experience, I’m detailing everything you need to know and what to  expect.

Where to Stay

If you’re looking for a place that’ll make you feel like royalty, this dreamy Salmon River home in Stanley, ID is for you.

Hot springs can be easily damaged. When you use soaps, shampoos, etc., it can damage the spring.

Save the Bath for Home

Seems like a joke, BUT at many natural hot springs, clothing is optional. So if someone is naked…they have a right to be.

Respect the Nude

The season for the Kirkham Hot Springs area is April through November. As of right now, you cannot park in the campground.

Season and Hours

Coming in the fall (late September to October) is a great time to  visit Kirkham hot springs. You can surely visit after the fact, but you  may have more crowds!

Best Time to Visit

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