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Monetize your social media by landing your dream brand collabs on repeat so you can finally have the freedom to get paid to post what you love (full or part-time).


It's doable! I have receipts:


And my students have invoices to send:


@theloverspassport (700k followers)

“We're so close to making six-figures this year and it’s literally all because we joined your course and learned how to actually sell ourselves, so thanks for being the best coach ever"

"This course literally changed everything for me. I've had dream collabs with less than 10k followers.

@NICHOLETHENOMAD (60K followers)

"I joined #SB almost two years ago now. When I joined I had about 4k followers and a dream because I didn't really know what I was doing. I just knew that I was incredibly passionate about something, and I wanted to learn how to monetize it. And let me tell you, like, I'm not being dramatic. This course literally changed everything. Dani made me feel incredibly empowered to pitch brands, even though I didn't have that many followers. I knew that I had value to provide to brands and using her resources, I was able to pitch brands and have partnerships like Merrell and AllTrails and with tourism boards."


You've probably been bombarded with generic tips like "hone your niche," "post more videos," or "send pitches to brands."

But let's be real—how are those vague suggestions supposed to translate into actual, lucrative brand partnerships?

It's totally normal to feel a bit lost, especially when you see other creators securing paid collaborations and traveling on brand's dime.

You're left wondering, "What am I doing wrong?" and "Why isn't my inbox filled with similar offers?"

Here's the truth: That dream is totally achievable with the right strategy.

Fed up with thinking only the lucky ones make it as successful influencers?

Imagine unlocking the strategy to not only catch a brand's attention but to keep them coming back for more.

Imagine transforming your passion into a profitable venture, where your content doesn't just attract views, but opens doors to continuous, paid collaborations with brands you love. 

Imagine a strategy that moves you beyond the treadmill of trial and error, positioning you where your creativity isn't just seen—it's sought after by brands that align with your vision and values.

Feeling stuck on your influencer journey can be tough...

It's easy to feel lost and like you're not making progress...

Tired while you try hard to grow but can't seem to catch the eye of brands.

Frustrated every time you try to pitch a brand and they say, "Yeah, no," or flat out ghost you *rude.

Stuck in a loop of getting free product instead of securing paid collaborations.

Unsure how to level up your influencer status, despite having taken courses that promise the moon.

especially when you're feeling:

ready for your life to change?

- Sarah (@organizedadventurer_)

“Brand deals coming in hot and about 100 new followers a week! I've already gotten ROI on the cost of the course."

- Nichole (@nicholethenomad)

“This course literally changed everything for me. I've had dream collabs with less than 10k followers.”

- Giselle (@theloverspassport)

“We're so close to making six-figures this year! We’ve scored much bigger deals with what we learned."

- Carleth (@carlethkeys)

“Now I have over 100,000 followers and the power to negotiate my terms and the rates I can be happy with."

"I decided to take #SB because I realized there was an opportunity for me to make this a business, but I needed help."


 "I had probably 40,000 followers and brands started to reach out asking for rates and whitelisting fees and licensing and all these terms that I wasn't familiar with. I didn't know how to deal with brands, I didn't know how to pitch my brand. After doing #SB, I was able to apply all the tools provided in this course. And that translated into growth. Now I have over 100,000 followers and self confidence when dealing with brands because I have the knowledge and power to negotiate my terms and the rates I can be happy with."

"We successfully pitched and landed a multi 5-figure contract with a tourism board valued at half our 9 to 5 salary. This course gave us so much confidence!"


Before #SB, Giselle & Stephen had landed some brand deals (largest was $250), but weren't sure how to land bigger ones and sell themselves. By learning how to lean into their niche, build audience trust, and post the content they want to get paid to create, they managed to earn a 6-figure salary from brand deals alone! Then, they amassed an audience of over 700K (up from 4,000). 

But What if i Said you could:

Start securing not just one-off projects but ongoing collaborations because you're a negotiation Ninja.

Turn your side hustle into a main gig, knowing exactly how to pitch and partner with brands that pay well and on time.

Send pitches that move you from just another DM to a top contender in a brand's eyes, using our battle-tested communication templates.

Price your content and packages in a way that sets you up for success (even after taxes, because ya gotta pay those).

Finally feel confident AF in your creator biz because you'll know the answer to things like, "Do I need an LLC?"

Elevate your influencer game. Learn how to polish your profile, pitch with confidence, and lock in those lucrative brand partnerships. Whether you're looking to supplement your income or go full-time, we'll make sure you stand out to sponsors.

#Sponsored Bootcamp


With comprehensive suite of video tutorials, practical worksheets, and step-by-step guides, you're about to unlock the secrets to:

  • Understand who you're talking to, making your content irresistible to both followers and brands.

  • Produce posts and stories that not only engage your audience but also showcase your value to potential sponsors.

  • Fine-tune your profile as a prime destination for brand partnerships, using tools that highlight your influencer potential.

  • Cultivate an active following that brands are eager to tap into, expanding your influence and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Get the know-how to approach brands with confidence, securing deals that reflect your worth and ambition.

  • Translate your social media savvy into significant income, proving that strategic partnerships are the key to financial growth in the influencer realm.


See the results for yourself:

teach me plz

Module 1: Getting Organized

You need systems that set you and your business up for success.
  • Discover tools and tips to become a content creation powerhouse, ensuring you're always ahead of the game and on brands' radar.
  • Learn the art of content batching and organization to handle various projects effortlessly, making your influencer workflow seamless and sponsor-ready.
  • Access a curated list of must-have apps and tools designed to elevate your influencer game, enticing brands with your professionalism.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Get your hands on ready-to-use templates for content planning, brand management, idea generation, and tracking progress towards your influencer goals.

Course breakdown:

Module 2: Personal Branding

This is going to be your unique selling point.
  • Craft a distinctive personal brand by exploring your niche, personality, and foundational content themes, making you irresistible to brands.
  • Master the secrets to an aesthetically cohesive Instagram presence that captivates brands at first glance.
  • Gain hands-on editing prowess with an Adobe Lightroom tutorial tailored to elevate your photo quality to professional standards.
  • Exclusive Bonus: Dive into the "Photography for Influencers E-Book" for advanced tips on enhancing your photos with better posing, camera settings, composition, and more, showcasing your potential for high-quality brand collaborations.
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Module 3: Grow the Right Audience

Brands need to know you have an audience of their ideal customer, so let's make sure you do!
  • Unlock the secrets to crafting content that grabs your audience's attention and keeps them coming back for more.
  • Fine-tune your content strategy to maximize growth and engagement, ensuring your profile stands out to potential sponsors.
  • Boost your content's reach and discoverability with actionable Instagram SEO techniques.
  • Harness the power of Reels to captivate your audience and accelerate your profile's growth.
  • Leverage targeted hashtags to extend your content's reach even further.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Gain insider knowledge with "Reels Best Practices from the Instagram Team" and dive deep into viral success with our "60-page Viral Reels & TikToks E-Book."
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Module 4: Getting Brands' Attention

Build a portfolio that attracts brand clients. 
  • Exactly what kind of content you should create to get paid brand deals and what brands want to see on your profile before you reach out to them.
  • How you can earn money as an influencer (like replace your salary income)
  • What kind of work brands hire influencers for 
  • Exclusive Bonuses: PR Agency Tracker—get on PR agencies' "list" of influencers to hire for campaigns. This is how you'll get brands to come to YOU.
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Module 5: Setting Your Rates

Set the right rates for your content.
  • Have guidance on how much to charge and an influencer now and as you grow.
  • Know when to raise your rates and charge more.
  • Identify triggers in brand deals that will give you the go-ahead to charge a premium for your services.
  • Create packages for your content so you can upsell brands.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: We'll also go over advanced pricing strategies to help you upsell to brands.
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Module 6: Pitching Brands

Learn what makes a successful pitch that has brands responding and paying you.
  • Ideas for working with brands as a small creator and how to highlight what services you offer so you don’t get overlooked because of your follower count (nano & micro influencers are all the rage right now, seriously!).
  • Understand what makes a successful pitch from finding brand contacts to writing out strong pitch emails.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Swipe my best performing fill-in-the-blank email templates and scripts for pitching 4 and 5-figure brand deals.
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Module 7: Negotiating & Contracts

We're going to go through every step you need to take to negotiate a brand deal with success—from start to finish.
  • Hyper-focused on negotiation tactics to land 4 and 5-figure deals with your favorite brands.
  • Learn my exact process for approaching negotiations
  • Know how to respond to negotiations based on different scenarios.
  • Confidently read brand contracts so you never get taken advantage of.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Example contract & invoice.
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Module 8: Taking the Next Steps

Where you start isn’t where you’ll always be so it’s important you know how to take what you have now and scale your influencer business so you can continue to earn a consistent income. 
  • Learn business tools that will help you operate smoothly.
  • Diversify your income to make even more money beyond brand deals. 
  • Understand the basics of creating a digital product for your audience.
  • We'll cover the next steps you should start taking to begin scaling your business past brand deals.
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Customizable Canva Templates: Media kits, case studies, campaign reports, rate cards, invoice.

Viral Reels & TikToks e-Book: A 60-page deep dive into mastering the two video platforms.

Negotiate multi-figure campaigns and retainers with brands, armed with proven pitch templates.

Yummy extras you're getting:


Photography for Influencers e-Book: Get professional tips for taking high-quality photos.

Adobe Lightroom Tutorial: See exactly how I edit photos for social media!

Project Management Templates: Keep your influencer business ORGANIZED for long-term success.

Community: You don't have to do this alone! Have other influencers for help and accountability with exclusive groups.

BONUS: Lessons on Taxes, Bookkeeping, Pinterest, LLCs, and Blogging 101.

Real Examples & Contacts: See Dani's actual brand negotiations + PR agency contacts that can help you get in front of brands.

Templates galore

We're talking 30+. Email pitch and negotiation templates, media kit templates, rate card, pitch deck, checklists, planners, and everything you'd want in a toolkit.


Access to Dani to hash out what's going on with you and discuss whatever questions arise on your journey! Available M-F to help you become an influencer.


You'll gain access to a private Slack community with current and alumni students. This is a safe space to meet each other and discuss content creator happenings.

access to all updates

To keep this course as up-to-date as possible, it is always getting updated with current info. You get lifetime access to current and new content to come—no extra charge!







The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

Learn to secure consistent, high-paying brand deals that reflect your unique influence and niche

Land 4 and 5-figure brand deals with confidence and on the regular

be a sought-after creator in your niche, where brands value your work and your community eagerly awaits your next post.

Earn an income by expressing your creativity and being authentically you (but like also know how to treat this like a business, k?)

Have additional income from social media, allowing you to invest in experiences, savings, or growing your influence further


"I landed a brand deal that more than paid for the course within a week of enrolling— you can tell how much Dani cares about small creators."


Before #SB, she had never worked with brands and wasn't sure if growing here account was possible anymore. Within a week of taking the course, she landed her first brand deal with Vera Bradley—it paid for the course in full. AND, she only had 4,000 followers. Now she has 100,000 super engaged followers, quit her 9 to 5, and has completely replaced her salary as an accountant.


"I landed my first paid brand deal with 1,000 followers! I am truly shocked that I was able to land deals."

"Now I have the knowledge and power to negotiate my terms and the rates I can be happy with."

"#SB gave me the right tools and confidence to start working with brands. I'm signing my second deal today!"

Go from dreaming of getting paid to create to landing brand partnerships on repeat...


"We successfully pitched multi 5-figure contracts and learned how to actually sell ourselves.

Because of this course, we've been able to make half our old salaries with one gig. Dani has been an amazing coach and has answered all of our questions, and we love that we have a little community to support each other. We refer back to her teachings so much and it’s very valuable especially for the legal/negotiation side of things. Would recommend it to anyone!” 

this could be you!

Giselle & Stephen Earned a 6-figure salarly & ditched their 9 to 5's

"#Sponsored Bootcamp helped me obtain long term relationships with my dream brands!

I struggled with pitching brands and knowing how much to charge. I used to be all over the place when it came to working with companies but now I know how much I am worth.  Now I’m excited and feel confident with my pricing and how to talk to brands. This course is great for anyone trying to be a full time content creator!"


"I've taken a few courses before and #SB's info on working with brands is unmatched.

Dani's guidance played a huge role in enabling me to become a full-time content creator. I love the real-life examples she gives on negotiating with brands. The way she breaks it down is so easy to understand for someone who doesn't have a marketing background."

Maddy left her accounting job and landed her first paying deal with less than 5k followers


"We've worked with brands like Whole Foods, and Colombia, as well as a number of tourism boards, just by using the tools and strategies that Dani teaches in the course."

"This course made me feel incredibly empowered to pitch brands, even though I didn't have that many followers. I knew that I had value to provide to brands and using the resources, I was able to pitch brands and have partnerships like Merrell and AllTrails and with tourism boards."

" I didn't know how to pitch my brand. So after doing the Bootcamp, I was able to apply all the tools provided in this course. And that translated into growth."

“This is the best thing you can spend money on an it took me less than 2 months to make my investment back.”

- nichole (@nicholethenomad)

One Payment $697

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#Sponsored Bootcamp is one payment of $697 (or 3 payments of $255). After you purchase the course, you will have the option to add 12 exclusive group coaching calls to your order, for an additional investment of $500 x 3.  Group calls are run by Dani and guest experts to help you gain deeper insights and stay accountable!

3 Payments of $255

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What you're getting

  • Lifetime access to all 8 course modules and bonuses

  • Lifetime access to course community (Facebook, Slack, and group chat)

  • *Option to add 12 Group Coaching Calls with Dani at checkout

  • BONUS Templates: 6-page Media Kit Template, (25) Fill-in-the-blank Brand Pitch and Negotiation Email Templates, Campaign Report Template, Case Studies Template, One-Page Media Kit template, Rate Card Templates

  • BONUS Pitch Deck Template

  • BONUS Masterclass videos on Pinterest, Accounting & Taxes for Influencers, Legal Terms for Influencers, and Blogging Basics

  • BONUS Module on Pitching Tourism Boards

  • BONUS e-Books on Photography Basics & Viral Reels & TikToks

Because it’s one thing to grow and start landing brand deals here and there, but you need to leverage it. Think: long-term brand deals, taxes, invoicing and more.

Unlike other courses that teach the influencer basics, I’m teaching you how to run a business so you can walk away from this course with the foundations and knowledge to be your own boss (whether this is a full or part-time thing for you).

Plus have brand deals lined up from your fave brands and a following that adores you! 

This course not only teaches you how to become a full-time influencer, but also how to run a successful influencer BUSINESS.

you're in the right place.

Bonus lessons!

Taxes, Pinterest, Bookkeeping, LLCs & Blogging 101

Learn from industry experts in law, accounting, and other areas, as you delve into hyper-focused lessons that will help you take your Instagram influence to the next level.


Bonus module!

Working with Travel & Tourism Boards

Unlock the secrets to getting paid to travel and see the world with #Sponsored Bootcamp. My deep-dive module teaches you the proven strategies I have used to secure deals with top Tourism Boards such as Discover South Carolina, Discover Puerto Rico, Go the Dominican Republic and more.

Yes Plz!

Gain confidence in yourself and your personal brand, knowing you have the strategies to grow and attract paid brand deals

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by your influencer dreams and hello to making them a reality

Have the tools and strategies you need to grow your audience, increase your reach to get brands' attention

Negotiate lucrative campaigns and retainers with brands, armed with proven templates and strategies

Experience the excitement of brands reaching out to you, eager to collaborate

Build a career you're passionate about, tailored to your unique vision and goals

By the end of #Sponsored, you will...


“From guidance on content organization, consistency, creating quality Reels, to photography tips, and SEO strategies this program has it all!”


"It’s already worth the investment. From guidance on content organization, consistency, and creating quality posts and reels, to photography editing tips, SEO strategies, and creating a portfolio, this program has it all! Dani is an incredible teacher and mentor and she has created a solid program in #Sponsored."

“Not only is the course FULL of value, but having a direct line to Dani (in addition to the support and guidance of other students) has been priceless.”


"We joined #SB because it was time for us to get serious about consistently monetizing our work. Dani doesn’t just launch a course and then disappear. She is there every step of the way offering support, inspiration, and constructive feedback."

“I've joined other courses that are just fluff, but I'm very happy to say #Sponsored Bootcamp isn't that!”


"I've found the templates and info about pitching (to both brands and tourism boards) super helpful and it gave me the push I needed to start pitching. Dani's also very involved in the Slack channel and shares lots of helpful advice and content!”

Burrito obsessed, Enneagram 3, Chronic Overachiever, Frequent flYer.

Hi I’m Dani! Influencer Coach & Content Creator.

I was fired from my 9-5 and I turned that loss into 230k+ followers & 6-figures worth of brand deals. 

Yep! I was fired from my marketing agency fresh out of college, leaving me overwhelmed by the nagging thought of “what’s next?”. I knew I wanted the freedom becoming an Instagram influencer would bring, but I had no idea where to begin. 

my brand deals

I turned that loss into 230k+ followers and 6-figures in brand deals from brands like American Express, Mazda, REI & more.

I read all the tips from the “experts,” but I wasn’t landing brand contracts and was seeing next to no growth (yawn). That’s when I realized I needed to make a strategic plan.

And now I'm sharing that plan with you.

After being fired from my 9 to 5...

now I know how to help!

Adventures I've had since becoming a full-time creator:



Sri lanka






Dominican republic

Traveled the usa in a self-converted campervan

Hiked the grand canyon top to bottom in a day

packrafted through the green river in canyonlands, utah

trekked the peruvian andes

hunted fall foliage in new england

saw wild wolves in yellowstone national park

The strategies in #Sponsored Bootcamp are the ones I’m using in my business to date, so I know they work.

My Strategies for landing deals with brands like Mazda, Adobe, American express

I spent a long time in the trial and error phase until I started landing consistent brand deals. And when I figured out the secret sauce, it changed my life.

I’ve landed six figures in brand deals, traveled the world on my time, and lived out of a campervan because I’ve wanted to. 

And I've poured ALL of that into this Instagram influencer course so you can do it too!

My Strategies for growing a loyal fan base of 100k+ followers

The influencers you admire are ordinary people, with a passion to share with the world, just like you.

I took my passion for travel and turned that into an engaged community of 230k+ followers across multiple platforms, and I'm handing you the keys.

I made the framework as easy to follow as possible whether being an influencer is a new dream or you’re already creating content and ready to become a full-time influencer.

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your goals & niche


Follow a proven roadmap


The biggest risk of all is NOT signing up for this when your heart is set on this path.

Just think about what your life will be like when you’re able to wake up every morning with passion doing what you love, to earn 6-figures and beyond, to generate multiple streams of income, to be a positive influence, to build a strong community of people who have similar interests, and truly live your DREAM life working for brands you love most.


Gain confidence in yourself and your personal brand

Say hello to making your dreams a reality

Have the tools and strategies you need to increase your reach, and get brands' attention

Negotiate lucrative campaigns and retainers with brands, armed with proven templates and strategies

Experience the excitement of brands reaching out to you, eager to collaborate

Build a career you're passionate about, tailored to your unique vision and goals

If you want this to be the year that you're *finally* able to:


This      for you if:

You want to earn a consistent income

You do not have aspirations of monetizing your Instagram account

Brands are sending you products, but not paying you

You’re looking for “easy” wins, like follow/ unfollow growth tactics

You're a seasoned creator but aren't landing deals at the prices you want

It's probably        for you if...

You're just getting started and don't know your niche yet



Case studies


"I landed a brand deal that more than paid for the course within a week of enrolling. And what really made me enroll was I could tell how much you cared about small creators."

Let's get you these results!


"When we saw how in depth #Sponsored Bootcamp went, that caught our eye! And the course gave us so much confidence."


"My biggest takeaway from the course has been the personal experience through templates, and the community. The community gets you inspired by what other people are doing."


Let's do this thing.


One Payment $697

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select the plan that works for you:

3 Payments of $255

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"Do I need a large following to join?"

No, you do not need a large following to join #Sponsored Bootcamp but you should already be creating content. This course is designed for intermediate-level  influencers looking to take your existing following to the next level. My course will help you build a sustainable and profitable influencer career and you scale up from where you are now.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I know this will work?"

My course material is based on the strategies and techniques me and my clients have used to build successful influencer careers and secure paid partnerships with top brands. That's why I have a proven track record of success with my students. I encourage you to take a look at the testimonials and see for yourself the success my students have achieved.

"Does this course work for any niche?"

Yes! #Sponsored Bootcamp is designed to be versatile and applicable to content creators and influencers in a wide range of niches. Our course material is not limited to a specific niche, but instead focuses on teaching universal strategies and techniques that can be applied to any niche. Some niches currently enrolled include: pets, running, fitness, fashion, art, travel, hiking, DIY, book, photography, food.

This course is entirely self-paced so you get to decide how long it takes to complete!

Students on average will take about a month to absorb all the material.

Lessons are no longer than 20 minutes (most are much shorter). So if you have limited time, you can do one lesson a day and still make progress and see growth!

For life!

You get lifetime access to all course materials once you pay in full.

On a regular basis, I am adding new lessons, updating old ones, and making sure the course content is fresh. You get access to all those updates and bonuses too!

#Sponsored Bootcamp stands out from other courses in a number of ways. Firstly, the course is taught by an experienced and successful influencer, who shares the strategies and techniques used to build a sustainable and profitable influencer career.

I have worked with top brands such as Mazda, American Express, and Adobe, which gives students an insight on how the industry works and how to position themselves to get similar results.

Secondly, the course offers a holistic approach to building a successful influencer career, covering not only strategy and growth, but also monetization, legal and accounting matters, and pitching to brands. I also have included a bonus module on Tourism Board Pitching, which is not covered in other courses.

#Sponsored is one-payment of $697 or 3 payments of $255.

>> You're new to content creation and have no idea where to start

>>You have some experience with landing brand deals but they've mostly been for free or not at the prices you want

>>You've been thinking about becoming a creator for a while but haven't seen results from your own efforts

>>You're an experienced influencer who feels like they're struggling to land paying deals consistently

>>You want to learn how to strategically become a content creator

>>You want transparency on what it actually takes to build a successful content creator business


Avg. student brand deal


different niches taking the bootcamp


collective stuent earnings


Number of followers gained by students

Sign me up!