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We purchased the 6 page media kit from Dani on her website. The media kit is so user friendly! It comes with an instructional video and bonus pages so that you can pick and choose which pages fit you the most. They’re also very customizable to fit your niche using the Canva app. Since using our kit we’ve landed 5 new sponsorships and have been using it to really sell companies on who we are. We find companies actually ask for a kit most of the time before we even bring it up. Overall we’re so happy we invested in the kit and are more than satisfied with it. Also Dani has been absolutely amazing in helping us figure things out as influencers and with using the media kit. BUY IT!

- @bumpinbus

I did the 5 day Reel challenge as well and found it so helpful. I figured if I am already making the videos it wouldn’t hurt to put them up on TikTok as well. I used there tips on how to go viral and my first week of using TikTok went viral with the video below getting over 7 million views. I also posted in on Instagram and it got 100k views which is amazing. So just want to say that the tips work and to keep creating content. Before posting the video I nearly didn’t put it out because I thought it was a bit boring. So happy I did and remember you won’t know unless you put it out there. Thanks for all the helpful tips Dani and sharing your secrets.

- @wherenextnicole

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Ultimate Influencer Starter Pack (Template Bundle)

The must-have template bundle me and my influencer clients use to book PAID deals with companies like Mazda, Toyota, Alaska Airlines, and Adobe!
  • 17 Brand Pitch Email Templates
  • Canva Templates (Media Kits, Rate Cards, Campaign Reports)
  • BONUS: Viral Reels & TikToks E-Book


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Thanks to Dani's guidance and encouragement, I’ve negotiated campaigns with brands that pay thousands of dollars.

- Angie, The Lovely Escapist

You have seriously changed my life. I just started the Bootcamp last week!

- Maddy, Madelyne On The Move