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How Much To Charge For A Sponsored Instagram Post (Ultimate Guide)

Apr 29, 2022

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Has anyone else noticed that there are NO INDUSTRY STANDARDS WHEN IT COMES TO THE INFLUENCER WORLD? This is especially true regarding how much to charge for a sponsored Instagram post!

If you’re landing on my blog after googling something like, “How much do influencers charge per post” or “Instagram influencer rates,” I’m guessing you’re either an aspiring influencer or already a full-time influencer looking for some extra guidance.

As a full-time influencer and influencer coach, I understand the frustration of figuring this stuff out. I believe in transparency, and there NEEDS to be more of it in the influencer space!

I can’t tell you how much money I’ve left on the table with brand deals because I had no idea what to charge.

That stops here! In this blog, we will break down all the components to create your price for sponsored content.

All the pricing recommendations I make have been tested by me and my full-time influencer students. They’ve come from expert recommendations that I modified to fit my needs over time.

This is how I price my content when I’m negotiating 4 and 5 figure brand deals, so I know they’ll work for you too!

First, we’ll go into pricing basics, rates by post type, etc. This is the post I wish I had read when I was a new influencer!

When you’re done, consider reading one of my other influencer guides:

No more chit-chat. Let’s jump right into the juicy stuff!

The Big Money Secret

But wanna know a BIG DJ Khalid major key about your Instagram post price?


While this may not make sense right now because you need some sort of guidance with influencer rates, I promise that as you gain more experience in this industry, you’re going to want to keep this secret in your back pocket. 

It has helped me gain the confidence I needed to get comfortable with charging more and valuing my work as “worthy” of earning me more money.

So without further ado, let’s start by discussing the basics. These same concepts apply when determining how much do micro influencers charge too.

picture of a sponsored instagram post

1% Formula for How Much to Charge for Instagram Posts

When deciding how much to charge for a sponsored Instagram post, ALWAYS start with this simple formula:

Charge $10 for every THOUSAND followers you have. 

Here is an example for someone who has 10,000 followers: 

(10,000 Followers /1,000 = 10, 10 x $10 = $100 Rate)

In other words, charge 1% per thousand followers. The 1% Formula: 10,000 Followers x (.01) = $100 Rate

Your Followers x 1% = $Your Rate

Now, that’s just where to start. 

picture of a sponsored instagram post

The Problem with The 1% Rule

This familiar influencer rate formula is problematic for a few reasons:

  1. It doesn’t take into account your quality of work
  2. It doesn’t take into account your engagement rate or other metrics
  3. It basically screws anyone who isn’t a macro-influencer (100,000+ followers)

That is why it is a starting point. Never, never, ever price your sponsored Instagram content under this threshold.


Because at the very least, when you promote a product directly on your feed, 1% of your followers will see the content, giving your sponsor 1% exposure to their target audience. 

Don’t worry, we’re going to keep discussing how much to charge for an Instagram post and how to charge MORE.

how much to charge for sponsored posts

Determining Your Instagram Sponsored Post Price

Truth be told, there are various factors for determining your Instagram influencer rates. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Deliverables
  2. Time
  3. Expenses
  4. Licensing
  5. Whitelisting 
  6. Exclusivity

#1 Deliverables

Deliverables can be defined as what work you’ll provide for the brand. For example, will you be doing 1 Instagram post and 2 Instagram story slides?

Will you be writing one blog and posting one viral Reel to your feed? When you post deliverables, do you get a high amount of engagement and reach too?

screenshot of an instagram profile

#2 Time

Time refers to your time to create said content. While I don’t believe that the time it takes to create a piece of content should be the final factor in determining how much to charge for an Instagram post, I think that successful entrepreneurs are masters at valuing and safeguarding their time. 

Time can also refer to the deadline involved with the brand deal. If a brand needs a quick turnaround time for deliverables, you should charge more!

When considering YOUR time for creating the content, I suggest figuring out an hourly rate for yourself. You can then tack this onto your pricing.

If the brand needs a quick turnaround, consider adding some sort of speedy delivery or rush fee to your pricing.

screenshot of an influencer instagram feed

#3 Expenses

Expenses refer to what, if any, expenses you will be incurring for the sponsored job. For example, will you have to travel?

What about accommodations, gas, and food? Did you need to hire an assistant or buy photo props?

I suggest adding up the total expenses you will incur and adding that to your pricing when determining how much to charge for an Instagram post.

How Much to Charge for Sponsored Instagram Posts

#4 Licensing

Licensing refers to what permissions you’re going to grant a company, if any, to use the content you create. For example, does the brand you’re working for want to repost your content on their feed?

Yep! You charge for that. 

Does the brand want to use your content as an ad? Yep! You charge for that. 

Video and image licensing is a complete beast in itself and truthfully deserves its own spotlight. If this is a topic you’re interested in, I suggest using a resource like Getty Images to help you get some benchmarks.

For now, I just want you to keep in mind that you can charge for these things. 

A simple rule of thumb for digital rights and licensing is to charge a 20% fee for every 30 day period.

As an example, let’s say you agree to post a static post for $1,000, but the brand says they would like organic social media rights (the right to repost your content on their social channels) for 3 months. That would look like this:

  • $1,000 for Static Post x 20% = $200 Licensing Fee for 30 days (about 1 month or 1, 30-day period)
  • $200 Licensing Fee x 3 Months = $600 Licensing Fee for 3 Months
  • $1,000 Static Post + $600 Licensing Fee = $1,600 COLLAB TOTAL
dani the explorer instagram guides

#5 Whitelisting

Whitelisting (or boosting) is when a brand puts money behind your content. Typically, these are ad manager permissions you will grant the brand on your Instagram/ Facebook account backend. 

The brand will then literally make your content a paid ad coming from YOUR page.

Think of whitelisting like you’re a celebrity endorser for a product. Brands benefit from your name and likeness, and you should 100% get paid for that.

The rates for whitelisting and boosting rights range from an additional 50 to 100% fee for every 30 day period.

Let’s say, for example, Pepsi wants to pay you $1,000 for a static post, and they’d also like to whitelist/boost your content for 2 months. You decide to charge them a 100% additional fee as a part of your Instagram influencer rates.

That would look like this:

  • $1,000 for Static Post x 100% = $1,000 Boosting Fee for 30 days (about 1 month)
  • $1,000 Boosting Fee x 2 Months = $2,000 Boosting Fee for 2 Months
  • $1,000 Static Post + $2,000 Boosting Fee = $3,000 COLLAB TOTAL

Additionally, you can instead ask the company what their total ad spend would be on the boosted content. You can then charge an additional fee based on a percentage of ad spend. 

Let’s say you decide to charge 5% of ad spend. Pepsi agrees to pay you $1,000 for a static post, and they tell you that the total ad spend for the boosted content is $25,000. That might look like:

  • $25,000 Ad Spend x 5% = $1,250 Ad Spend Fee
  • $1,000 for Static Post = $1,250 Ad Spend Fee = $2,250 COLLAB TOTAL

Ultimately, you will have to determine which method would work best for you!

dani the explorer instagram feed

#6 Exclusivity

Exclusivity is, in simple terms, when a brand says you cannot work with their competitors throughout your contract. 

When determining your pricing for exclusivity, consider the loss of potential income you will experience from having an exclusivity clause. Charge for that loss.

Of course, you cannot always predict when a competitor will come around with more money, but you can use your best judgment based on how many/ what kind of brand deals you typically get.

So let’s say that you sign a contract with Gucci to promote their fragrances for $1,000 with 3 months exclusivity.

This means that for the next 3 months, you cannot promote any competitors. 

Now let’s say that a month after your Gucci post, Marc Jacobs fragrances come around and pay you $15,000…

Too bad, boo! You have two more months to go on your Gucci contract before you can even think about Marc Jacobs. And as with all influencer jobs, they go fast.

So yes, that means you’ll be leaving $15,000 on the table, and all you got was $1,000.

Wa, wa, waaaaaaaaa. That’s why exclusivity is an essential factor to consider when determining how much to charge for an Instagram post.

screenshot of dani the explorer editing images

All That’s Negotiable

The best part about all of these pricing factors is that they are 100% negotiable. For example, you can always negotiate down the exclusivity clause, or ask companies to remove deliverables. 

And hey, I get it—negotiating is tricky! If you’re like, “Dani, I wouldn’t even know where to START with asking for that much money,” Then you need these brand pitch and negotiation email templates!

Your new negotiating bestie, The Pitch Vault, is full of templates me and my students use to pitch our biggest ideas to our dream brands. AND, more importantly, ask for money—CHA-CHING.

You’re already to busy being a bomb @$$ influencer, so in The Vault you’ll find fill-in-the-blank email templates for when a brand reaches out to you, turning a free product into a paid deal, and more!

No more guessing what to say to brand sponsors!

Influencer Brand Pitch Email Scripts

The Types of Instagram Posts to Charge for

  • Static Post
  • Carousel Post
  • Video Post
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Stories
  • IGTV Posts
  • Link in Bio
  • Instagram Lives
  • Sponsored Giveaway

Believe it or not, there is more than one type of sponsored Instagram post out there. As a rule of thumb, I charge for just about everything I can, lol.

Your Instagram profile is your platform and your business (if you want it to be), so here is your permission to start earning what you’re worth, boo. 

Static Post

A static sponsored post on Instagram is the most common type of sponsored content you will see. A static post is the OG type of Instagram post—AKA a picture + a caption.

When sponsored, they usually include one picture showcasing the product you are advertising. The product is typically tagged in the image and the post caption.

And now, with the “Collab Post” feature on Instagram, you can easily give brands a little mention while also offering them more exposure than a standard post might get them.

screenshot of a sponsored instagram post

Carousel Post

I love doing sponsored carousel posts because they’re an excellent way for my audience to engage more with a brand. For example, I can use a lifestyle image for the first slide and include a video or a beautiful product image in the following slides. 

photo of an influencer carousel post

Video & IGTV Posts

Sponsored video posts are becoming more and more common on Instagram. That’s because brands are starting to realize that videos help tell a better story than a static post would!

IGTV posts also fall into the realm of video posts. However, they are typically longer and require more editing than a simple iPhone video might!

photo of a viral reel

Instagram Reels

Instagram is so confusing these days with how they have videos, IGTV, and Reels. Whatever. We’ll put Reels in their own category until they have it sorted.

Because of the reach a single Instagram Reel can get in a day, week, even over a month, charging for them is extremely important. We’ll talk more about how much to charge for viral Reels in the next section.

screenshot of a viral instagram reel

Instagram Stories

Sponsored story posts are another way to get paid for sponsored Instagram content. Stories can include Swipe Up links and fun stickers like polls are quizzes that can help your audience connect with a brand. 

Stories can also be saved as a Highlight, which can get you money and help you increase your Instagram influencer rates.

screenshot of an instagram story

Typically, a brand will ask you to update your bio’s current link to one of their choosing. In addition, the link will usually have tracking info attached to it so they can track conversions.

screenshot of a full time influencer instagram feed

Instagram Lives

Instagram Lives is a great way to drive engagement and promote products. Expect to see this form of sponsored content become more popular in the next few years!

screenshot of an instagram live

Sponsored Giveaway

While giveaways might get you more followers, you should still charge for them! Giveaways are an excellent way for a brand to get more of your followers to follow their page or collect emails from your audience.

screenshot of an instagram influencer feed

Other Sponsored Services You Can Offer

While the sponsored posts above are the most common types of sponsored posts on Instagram to get paid for, I’ve also listed some additional services you can offer your clients. We won’t discuss these in the next section, but I just want you to be aware of them!

  • Sponsored blog post
  • Commercial images
  • Sponsored email to your list
  • Modeling
  • Event attendance
screenshot of an influencer reels feed

How Much to Charge by Post Type

“How much should I charge for an Instagram post? Do rates vary per post type? They do! So now we know the various sponsored posts on Instagram, let’s go into how much to charge for them. 

Charging for a Sponsored Static Post

You already know this rule. A sponsored static post on Instagram should cost 1% of your following (at minimum). I’ll paste the formula again for you to reference!

Your Followers x 1% = $Your Rate


10,000 Followers x 1% = $100 for a Sponsored Instagram Post

I recommend thinking more along the lines of charging 2 to 5% (5% being on the high end) of your following if you have high engagement and create high-quality content. That formula would then look like this:

Your Followers x 5% = $Your Rate


10,000 Followers x 5% = $500 for a Sponsored Instagram Post

These percentages are entirely up to your discretion. I always say don’t be afraid to charge more.

screenshot of a sponsored instagram post

Charging for a Sponsored Carousel Post

Carousel posts have a few things going for them:

  • They’re more engaging than a standard static post
  • They give you the ability to mix and match content (video + images, or vice versa)
  • The brand gets more content pieces showcasing their product or service

I typically like to start with my standard rate and add money based on these items above. Then, I suggest having a rate you can tack on per additional slide a company wants in your sponsored carousel post.

screenshot of a carousel post on instagram

Charging for a Sponsored Instagram Story

From my experience, there are a couple of ways you can determine how much to charge for an Instagram story:

  • Charge a flat fee per story slide
  • Charge 1% of your average Story views

As with everything else, your Story price will change based on various factors, but I find that using a mix of both points above is a good starting point.

story from an instagram influencer

Charging for a Sponsored Video & IGTV Post

Video can be a complicated beast. My go-to for videos have always been to double my photo post rate. For example, if you charged $500 for a static photo post, a video post could be $1,000.

However, there are other factors that you should consider with your video Instagram post price:

  • Length of video
  • Video quality
  • Licensing
  • Editing time

If needed, do research on video standards and licensing to know how much to charge. All the same, the rules apply to IGTV posts.

instagram influencer video feed on profile

Charging for a Sponsored Instagram Reel

For sponsored Reels, you can certainly follow the same guidelines as listed above; however, there are other ways you can charge for Reels. 

One of them is a tiered pricing method. This means that you would be paid based on the number of views your Reel gets in a specific amount of time. For example, I’ve seen folks suggest that TikTok pays around 4 cents per 1,000 views. 

Considering everything we just discussed regarding Instagram influencer rates, I believe that’s WAY too low. I would suggest thinking of your tiers like our 1% rule instead. Therefore, you’d charge 1% of the total views.

A tier for our influencer with 10,000 might look like:

  • 1,000 to 5,000 views = $50
  • 5,001 to 10,000 views = $100
  • 10,001 to 50,000 views = $500
  • 50,001 to 100,000 = $1,000
  • 100,001 to 500,000 = $5,000
  • 500,000 to 1,000,000 = $10,000

You can totally omit this and simply charge a flat rate for your Reel instead. It’s ultimately up to you.

However, I would consider adding a clause in your partnership contract stating you will be paid $XYZ more if your Reel generates a certain number of views. 

Can you imagine getting paid $500 for a Reel, which turns into a viral Reel at 20 million+ views? You’d be losing out on a lot of income while that brand got tons of exposure!

Instagram reel

Charging for a Sponsored Instagram Live

For Instagram Lives, I suggest determining an hourly rate for yourself and using that to determine the overall price of the Live. For example, if you charged $100 per hour, a 30min Live may cost $50.

instagram influencer profile

Charging for a Sponsored Giveaway

Charging for a sponsored giveaway post typically follows the same rules as a sponsored static post. However, the price increase comes with what type of giveaway you’re doing! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Will your followers have to follow the brand’s page to enter the giveaway?
  • Will the brand be cross-promoting the giveaway so you can also get some followers from them? 
  • Is the brand asking you to collect emails, and will you access these emails too?

Once you figure out these terms, you can better understand whether you should charge the same as a static post or more to drive traffic to the brand’s social platforms. 

Brand Pitch Email Scripts

Should You Have an Influencer Rate Card?

Sure thing! Having an influencer rate card is acceptable. However, please save your influencer rate cards for the negotiation process!

So here’s what you need to know about rate cards. A rate card is a PDF that displays how much you charge for content creator services.

For example, let’s say Nordstrom reaches out to you and says they want to hire you for 1 Sponsored Instagram Post and maybe a Sponsored Blog post. “What are your rates?” they ask.

You can send them your rate card with the pricing for 1 Sponsored Post and 1 Blog. Ideally, your rate card will match your influencer media kit branding, so when you send it over to the Nordstrom team to review, it looks all branded.

After you send your rate card, you will negotiate your final pricing.

What Shouldn’t Be in a Rate Card

Please note, I did NOT say that a rate card is a menu of ALL your pricing. Avoid this at all costs!

Rate cards are very curated. They’re a professional way to send brands your rates on a select number of services.

This is where a lot of influencers get it wrong. If you aren’t careful about how you set up your rate card, you can quickly diminish your negotiating power and miss out on getting more money!

“Ugh. Why can’t this stuff be easy?”

That’s what I’m here for!

If you need a rate card, I have an excellent influencer rate card templates that’ll accomplish everything I just mentioned, minus diminishing your negotiation power! I created these templates from my experience as a full-time influencer.

You deserve to get paid as much as possible, and simple tools like this can help!

Influencer Rate Card Template

Final Tips for Charging for Sponsored Instagram Content

WOW. Talk about a ton of math, huh. So now, let’s discuss a few of my top tips for charging for sponsored Instagram content.

Never Take the First Offer

I don’t care what anyone tells you. When a brand reaches out, never take the first offer!

No matter who the brand is, they’re going to be offering you the least amount possible, most likely. NEGOTIATE.

Ask for more money and come to a mutual agreement. The worst thing that can happen is a brand says no, and you agree on the original offer.

At least you tried! If you’re unsure of how to negotiate, you might enjoy my brand pitch & negotiation email templates!

Instagram influencer feed

Grow Your Instagram Following

While your Instagram following doesn’t determine how much money you can make, having a larger and more engaged Instagram community can help put you in a high-earning tier.

I have a blog on how to organically gain Instagram followers you can read for help!

Instagram influencer feed

Build a Website

Some folks might disagree with me on this, but building a website is crucial to your success, in my opinion! If you want to charge for sponsored Instagram posts, you’re going to have to start treating your Instagram like a business.

A website is where to start. Your site can get you discovered on search engines like Pinterest and Google.

By no means do you need to blog, but it can make you more money!

instagram influencer website

Get a Media Kit

A media kit is like a resume that lists out who you are. I can honestly say a good media kit is essential for getting ready to charge for sponsored Instagram posts because it gives brands an idea of who you are and what your numbers look like.

If you need a done-for-you media kit template that is aesthetically pleasing and will get brands to pay attention, I recommend looking at my 6-Page Influencer Media Kit Template.

instagram influencer media kit template

Your Next Steps

Please make sure you ALWAYS stick up for yourself and know your worth with sponsored content! Content creation is a real job, and you should be compensated fairly regarding your Instagram influencer rates.

When one brand says no, please know that another company is willing to pay your rates. Never give up!

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  2. Great post! What is the formula for the base price for stories ? I recently worked with a brand that said they wanted one Instagram post and one story. The story turned out to be 3 slides, each with a different swipe up. Is it normal that a brand would say one story and expect multiple slides?

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