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How to Get More Story Views on Instagram – By an Influencer

Get More Story Views on Instagram

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Post Summary: How to get more Story views on Instagram and increase your engagement!

Get More Story Views on Instagram

Ahhh Instagram Stories. Where do we even begin with this fantastic feature? I’m not being sarcastic, by the way. But, I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical when Instagram Stories first came out. I thought they were just a Snapchat rip-off and wouldn’t last. 

Welp, I was wrong. Not only is Instagram Stories a prevalent feature on the app, but they’re an AMAZING way to show up as an influencer and connect with your audience. 

We’ll get into more of that later, but first, I want to have us talking about how to increase Story views on Instagram. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to do this that don’t require a ton of work on your part!

“But Do I Need to Know How to Increase Instagram Story Views?”

So one thing I believe is essential to call out is that whether you’re a new influencer, macro influencer, micro-influencer, or someone in-between, it’s so crucial for your mental health that you do NOT get wrapped up in the numbers. 

Like any other metric, Instagram Story views are subject to Instagram algorithm changes, your audience’s activity on the app, and plenty of other variables. 

A healthy mindset is something I preach heavily in my Instagram influencer course

If you spend a lot of time focusing on how low your views are and obsess over learning how to get more Instagram Story views, you’re setting yourself up to fail. 

So then, why even care? Why would I bother to write a blog about Instagram Story views? Again, it goes back to what I said initially: they’re a fantastic way to show up as an influencer and engage with your community! 

In other words, Instagram Stories are less about perfection and more about just showing up. Your audience most likely isn’t expecting your Stories to be a giant production. They just want to see what you’re up to! 

Increase Instagram Story Views + Increase Engagement

Instagram Stories are a way for your audience to get to know the real you and see the behind-the-scenes of your profile.

And when you focus on building a solid relationship with your Instagram community, you will naturally start to increase your overall engagement! Think of it as a trickle-down effect. 

Build a relationship with your audience >> they care more about you >> they want to see more of what you’re up to >> you make more posts >> because they care, they engage!

While this seems like a simple concept to grasp, it is sourly missed by tons of beginner influencers. With the nature of social media apps, it’s easy to mistake your followers for just numbers on a screen. The truth is, successful influencers understand that apps like Instagram were initially created for community building. 

Therefore, there’s no secret sauce or magical button that will show you the light on how to increase Story views in Instagram. 

The “secret” is you!

Increase Your Income with Stories

You read that right! While numbers are not the only thing that will get you to earn money on Instagram, they can certainly help. 

With the trickle-down effect we just described, it should also be noted that when you’re looking to work with brands on Instagram, they typically want to work with influencers who have a strong connection with their audience. 

Therefore, higher engagement can also allow you to charge more for your Instagram services

And if you know how to get more views on Instagram Story, you can charge brands more for sponsored Instagram Stories!

In other words:

Higher Engagement & Views = More Desirable Ad Space for Brands = More Money for Influencers

brand pitch email template

Are Instagram Story Views Down?

This is something I see creators talk about a LOT. 

“Ahhhhhhh – Does anyone know how to get more views on your Instagram Story? HELPPPPPP!”

Okay, maybe that’s a hit exaggerated, but I have seen a lot of influencers get hell-bent on some idea that their Stories must be “shadowbanned” because views are down. This simply isn’t true!

A couple of years ago, Instagram noticed that big companies were using bots to view the Instagram Stories of other people. Why would companies do this? The thinking was that by considering a user’s Story more often, the user would be like, “Oh wow! XYZ company viewed my Story. I want to see what their profile is about,” which would trickle down to more engagement on the company’s page. Pretty sneaky, huh?

Just like everything else bot-related, Instagram SHUT. IT. DOWN. So basically, Instagram did a massive cleanse on the app and got rid of all the bots. 

What Does This Mean for You?

Sure, when this initially happened, you may have noticed a drop in Story views. However, you have to remember that metrics are bound to change just like any other feature on the app. 

To reiterate, Instagram features such as Instagram Stories are subject to variables like:

  • The Instagram algorithm
  • User activity
  • The option to Boost or create ads
  • Changes to the feature itself
  • The addition of entirely new Instagram features

Remember, every single Instagram feature (Posts, Reels, Stories, Explore Page, etc.) operates on its own algorithm. Furthermore, these algorithms are constantly changing to provide users with more content they enjoy!

Not all is lost, though. There’s still hope when it comes to the various ways to grow and get engagement using Instagram Stories. 

There are still plenty of ways you can increase Instagram Story views without having to worry about silly bots or add a ton of work onto your to-do list.

And as an influencer and an influencer coach, I’m here to help!

So let’s get into how to increase Story views in Instagram!

7 Steps to Engaging Your Audience Through Instagram Stories

I KNOW by now you’re ready for this. Here are 7 steps for how to get more Story views on Instagram:

  1. Use structure
  2. Use text
  3. Post in increments
  4. Use stickers
  5. Make them shareable
  6. Mix up the content
  7. Reply to DMs

Now let’s dive deeper into each of them.

Tip #1: Use Structure

“Structure” refers to creating a sort of routine around your Stories. For example, if you’re not great at creating Stories on the cusp, it might be beneficial to make a plan around when you share specific content. Let’s talk about this further. 

If you are a fashion influencer, for example, your Story structure might look like this:

  1. Monday – Photoshoot BTS from the weekend
  2. Tuesday – Outfit of the day + links
  3. Wednesday – “Wear This Wednesday” – Sharing multiple slides of outfit inspiration
  4. Thursday – A day in your life + Q&A
  5. Friday – “Friday Faves” – Sharing a bunch of things you love

Structure helps you better plan your content to remain consistent, a significant key for increasing Story views on Instagram. It will also get your audience into a routine on your profile. 

This can create anticipation for specific kinds of content, making your followers eager to hear more from you.

A Simple Way to Create Structure

You can do this by creating a Storyboard. A Storyboard would mean creating your Instagram Story slides ahead of time (like the day before you’re going to post them) and “lining them up” to make sure you’re happy with the order of them. 

Below you can see a quick Storyboard example I’ve done for a brand deal. I don’t use any crazy apps to pull this off, just Google Docs or Apple Notes. Use whatever will help you stay organized. 

Get more story views on Instagram - storyboard example
Dani The Explorer Storyboard Example

As you can see, it’s literally just a way for me to place my Stories in posting order so I know what to post first, second, third, and so on.

Tip #2: Use Text

If you read my tips for beating the Instagram algorithm, then you’ll recall that the amount of time a user spends on your content can help you majorly boost your engagement. 

This concept applies to how to get Story views on Instagram too! 

A great way to make your followers spend more time on your Instagram Stories is by using text. If you use text appropriately, it may prompt a user to stop and hold down on your Story slide so they can read what you typed out. 

This stop and hold action = more time spent on your Story = a signal to the algorithm that your content is essential = your Stories being pushed to more followers = more views for you!

With the release of Instagram Search, there may also be opportunities in the future for your Stories to become search discoverable based on keywords you type out in them. We’ll see what happens there!

What About Hashtags?

In the past, I’ve noticed that I get quite a few Instagram Story views from folks searching hashtags. This worked because Instagram hashtag pages would have a Story section that included alllllll the Story slides mentioning said hashtag. 

For example, if you put #makeup on your Story, then searched #makeup on Instagram, you would see your Story on the #makeup search results.

However, more recently, this feature was removed entirely from IG. Therefore, I find it pointless to include hashtags on your Stories unless they’re for a specific purpose like an ad campaign. 

Tip #3: Post in Increments

This is where Instagram Analytics comes in handy. People can’t view and engage with your Instagram Stories if they aren’t seeing them! Therefore, when considering how to increase views on Instagram Story, make sure that you keep an eye on those analytics and post when your ideal audience is online.

To take this further, I suggest posting IG Stories in increments. 

For example, let’s say you head to your insights and see that your audience is usually online between 9am and 12pm. So, rather than post all of your IG Story slides at 9am, aim to post them in one-hour increments. 

In this case, that could mean posting 2 slides at 9am, 3 slides at 10am, 1 slide at 11am, and 2 more slides at 12pm. 

The reason for this is simply the nature of Stories. Instagram Stories sit at the top of our newsfeeds, and once a viewer looks at them, they go away. So to consistently pop up at the front of the Instagram Storyline, your best bet is to spread out when you post them!

Tip #4: Use Stickers

One of my favorite things on long driving days is a Q&A with my audience or a quiz! You can do either of these using the Instagram Story stickers, making it easy to allow your audience to engage with you. As a matter of fact, Instagram stickers have helped me DOUBLE my Instagram Story views. Here are the Instagram Story stickers I find most helpful.


I love using the Questions sticker to do fun things like Q&As, Show Me a Photo Of, Juicy Confessions, and more! The opportunities for how to get Instagram Story views are literally endless with this Story sticker. 

Another great thing about the Questions sticker is that you can ask your audience questions that will help you serve them better. “What kind of Reels do you want to see from me?” for instance, is a great way to gather ideas from your followers and give them more of the content they want to engage with!


Quizzes have also become a fun way to get people engaged with you. You can find out how much your audience knows about you, about the location you are in, or just about something random and fun. 

Using Quizzes, you can encourage your audience to stay on your Stories or head to your profile where you can continue the fun on your latest post.

This one is pretty obvious, but links allow you to share resources you love with your audience!


Polls are SO fun. I mean, you can create a poll on just about anything with the Poll sticker! Some of my favorite Stories are This or That polls.

Add Yours

Add Yours is a great way to start a Story view chain. We’ll get more into that in the next section.

Tip #5: Make Them Shareable

Shareable content is a great way to get exposure to new audiences on Instagram and signal to the Instagram algorithm that your content is important, therefore, “worthy” of more eyeballs. Therefore, shareable content is something to consider when thinking about how to get more views on Instagram Story.

An easy way to create shareable Stories is to take advantage of features like the Add Yours sticker. 

With the Add Yours sticker, you have the option of jumping on a content share train that will potentially be viewed by thousands of new eyeballs. So I suggest that you put your content in the mix the next time you see an Add Yours sticker! Elite Daily wrote up a great little post on using the Add Yours sticker to up your Story game. 

Another way to make your Instagram Stories more shareable is by taking advantage of the previously mentioned tips. Here are some shareable ideas for ya:

  • Use structure to create a Story series that followers might share with their friends.
  • Use text to type up your favorite quotes or an inspirational message that others share.
  • Use stickers to do something fun like a juicy poll. Share any unexpected poll results, which might prompt someone to share the results too!

Tip #6: Mix Up the Content

Keep things interesting! An excellent way to increase Story views on Instagram is to share different content like videos, photos, selfie videos, GIFs, and whatever else you can come up with!

Sometimes our Instagram Story views can stagnate from us doing the same things repeatedly. Switch it up!

Tip #7: Reply to DMs

Last but never least, engage back! Admit it; we all love it when our favorite blogger or Instagramer gets back to us with a witty or even quick response. If you want more Instagram Story views and people to engage with you, you need to engage back! Don’t leave people hanging with a million little messages in your DMs. When you don’t respond to people, well, they will stop responding and engaging with your Stories.

With DMs, you get the chance to get a little more personal with people. I know it’s a lot of work, but for the most part, responding to those DMs makes your audience feel seen. And that’s a great way to get more Instagram Story views!

Instagram influencer media kit template

Instagram Story Views in Conclusion

I hope this blog gave you some insights on how to get more Story views on Instagram! 

Instagram Stories are still a fantastic way for your audience to get involved and feel connected to you. It’s the perfect way to grow your Instagram following.

The biggest takeaway here is that you shouldn’t give up. Instead, you should continue to grow and engage your audience and use those Instagram Stories to improve all other aspects of your business.

Did you find these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments!

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  7. Just so you know, using hashtag and locations are worthless for stories now. Instagram have disabled location/hashtag story feature.

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