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As an influencer, I’ve seen a lot of brand deals come my way. And when new creators ask me the secret to landing 4 and 5-figure deals, I’m always surprised to find that these creators are waiting for brands to come to them. So wanna know the secret to getting the paid sponsors of your […]


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6 Reasons Why Brands Aren’t Paying You & How to Fix That

Now getting the brand deals you want? This post is for you! Let me guess: you’re a current or aspiring influencer aware of the money-making potential in the online space.You know that one of the best ways for influencers to make money is to get brand deals, but you have no idea where to start […]


Influencer Tips

How to Turn a Gifted Collab Into a Paid Partnership

“Oh, hey there! We would love to send you this free bottle of mascara in exchange for a TikTok review on your page!” Ever receive emails like these and find yourself annoyed by all the gifted brand emails you’re getting? Today I want to talk about how to turn a gifted collaboration into a paid partnership. […]



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