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I influence others to dream bigger so they may live extraordinary lives!

Dani The Explorer is a female travel & lifestyle blog where I share inspo for living and dreaming bigger. It's the place for chicas into trying new sh*t, and embracing everything life has to offer. Whether you're planning an itinerary, searching for a new marg spot, or desperately needing influencer tips, you came to the right place! 

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As a lifestyle content creator and influencer coach, I serve...
current & aspiring content creators who want to become Instagram influencers, and I also serve lifestyle & travel brands by connecting their products with my Explorer community. Click that button to learn more about my services.

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Burrito obsessed, Enneagram 3, Chronic Overachiever, Frequent flYer.

Hi I’m Dani! Influencer Coach & Content Creator.

I was fired from my 9 to 5 and turned that loss into my dream job as a lifestyle content creator so I could live freely! Now I offer Influencer coaching too. Started from the bottom now we here, amirite? See how I did it!


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Influencer Tips

Did I already mention that I write a ton of influencer tips for new and experienced influencers on my blog? No? Well, shoot. Sounds like you need to pay a visit to my blog then!

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Influencer Course

Want to go from aspiring creator to full-time influencer? Grab the most in-depth Instagram influencer course creators rave about! #Sponsored Bootcamp is for new and experienced influencers desiring to grow their community, create a recognizable brand, work with their dream sponsors and build a career out of being an influencer.

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Fill-in-the-blank Brand Pitch Email Templates

If you're an influencer wanting to land paid brand deals, you NEED these brand pitch email templates. The Influencer Pitch Vault is full of the 17 go-to email scripts me and my clients use to land deals with brands like Mazda, Toyota, American Express, Ritual and more!

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Influencer Coaching

Hey, I see you over there going, “I want to be an influencer too, but like how, ugh?” 

As an influencer coach, I have helped content creators triple their income, quadruple their IG following, and leave their 9 to 5’s so they can influence full-time.

I want this for you too! Let me show you the way (you already took my hand so you don’t have a choice anyways). 

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Instagram Influencer Course

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"We are SO CLOSE to getting to the 6 figure mark with our content creation business this year and it’s literally all because we joined your course and learned how to actually sell ourselves, so thanks for being the best coach ever"

- giselle, Instagram influencer course Student

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