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With 230k+ followers across IG & TikTok, and 6+ years of experience, I provide content creator and influencer coaching for new & current creators! 

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You don't have to go on your content creator journey alone.

If you want to be a successful creator, it's time you stop throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

As an experienced content creator and influencer coach, I help creators like you grow organic audiences, monetize, and scale their influence into a business that gives you the freedom you're looking for.

Negotiating multi-figure contracts with large name sponsors & getting discovered by brands

Building an influencer monetization strategy with multiple income streams

Organically growing an engaged social media audience & a recognizable brand on IG & TikTok

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Developing content strategy that keeps you growing on one or multiple social platforms like IG & TikTok

Expanding your personal brand through blogging, email marketing, & digital products

Self-paced course


#Sponsored Bootcamp — Influencer Course

The only course you need to take you from dreaming of getting paid to create to having a memorable brand, growing a community of fans, and landing brand partnerships as a full-time influencer.

For new and experienced creators who want to build a brand, grow, and land paid deals.

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Overwhelmed with where to start

You want to get paid to create but you're not sure where to start with creating content, pitching brands, or growing your audience.

Unsure about how to become a full-time creator

You're tired of DIYing your way to a full-time influencer. You want a plan from someone who's already been there.

Not sure how to...

Create great content that'll help you grow, talk to brands, niche down — all around, you need help with all the things to jumpstart your journey.

The results


Feel confident AF in yourself, your pricing, and your brand after this course

Have all the strategies you need to grow your influence right at your fingertips

Negotiate campaigns with brands for thousands of dollars (and work on retainer with them!)

Email brands with confidence because you have proven templates that get responses

Take a breath and not feel overwhelmed by your “wild” dreams because they’re your reality

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"I landed a brand deal that more than paid for the course within a week of enrolling— you can tell how much Dani cares about small creators."


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1:1 Strategy Call

Book a 60 minute 1:1 Strategy Call where we're going to deep dive into where you are now and how you're going to get to where you want to be.

This is perfect for content creators and influencers feeling overwhelmed with all the newest "tips" and "hacks".

You want someone to give you a clear, custom roadmap to meet your growth and monetization goals.

60 minute CAll

What we cover >>

Q & A — let's get all your questions answered! I want you to walk away from this call feeling like you're ready to conquer the whole effing world ;)

Your strategy and goals — let's cover what you're currently doing to see what's working and what isn't. From there, we'll come up with a new content strategy.

LIVE Instagram and TikTok audit — we'll look over your content and profiles to discover areas of improvement.

call breakdown

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"I learned SO much from working with Dani!

Creating content is so often done alone, so it was beyond helpful to get to bounce around ideas and get feedback that was truly specific to my page.

Since working with Dani, I've been able to streamline my content creation process and hone in on a more defined video style. My tiktok has taken a total 180˚ thanks to her practical SEO tips — I went from videos stuck in the hundreds of views to a video last week skyrocketing to over a million views for the first time!"

- @richmondfood

1:1 Packages

Get my full attention and support for 1-month or 3-months

Are you a more experienced content creator wanting a personalized coaching experience to get you to where you want to be? This is perfect for you if:

  • You've reached a plateau in your influencer journey and are ready to level up, but need some additional support and guidance.
  • You're seeking a customized approach to achieving your goals and someone to hold you accountable along the way.
  • You have a BIG vision for your creator career. You want to launch a blog, sell products, land bigger deals, start an email list and really expand your empire.

how it works


Based on your needs, I'll create a custom coaching plan and outline for our calls. I'll have you take a look, and if you approve, we'll begin your coaching program! Calls will be every other week.


Our calls will be a mix of us collaborating on ideas and me teaching you any info you need to move forward. In-between calls, I'll provide you with feedback and support through our Teachable Dashboard (chat, file sharing, etc.)


In-between calls, I'm going to give you action items to work on. These are actionable steps you can implement immediately. As your new accountability buddy, I'll be there to hold your hand through this and make sure you're kickin' @$$ as we go.

Pick your package



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2, 60-minute video calls, where we'll work on your specific goals using a custom influencer coaching plan

A custom roadmap for after our time together—that way you know how to conquer the world when we say "Adios!"

M-F support—In-between calls, ask me questions, for feedback, or ideas (chat, file-share, voice memo)

Audit of your profiles delivered 1 week after your container

Templates for brand deals—My Ultimate Influencer Starter Pack


$947 x 3

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2, 60-minute video calls, per month where we'll work on your goals (6 calls total)

A custom roadmap for after our time together—that way you know how to conquer the world when we say "Adios!"

M-F support—In-between calls, ask me questions, for feedback, or ideas (chat, file-share, voice memo)

All-access pass to my product suite during your 3 month container

Access to Slack community of other content creators during your container

apply for coaching!

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*Next Steps: After you submit your form, I'll look it over (about 48hrs). From there, we'll set up a free 30-min Discovery Call to answer any questions you have. Once we establish you're a fit, we'll begin your coaching! Applying does NOT commit you to anything :)

"What kind of support am I getting?"

You're getting one-on-one attention from an experienced influencer coach. 2x a month, we'll meet for 60-minutes on a video call. I'll have you set up on a Teachable Dashboard which has an integrated chat system where we can talk in-between calls, you can send me video files to review, and I can send you feedback. You get my help, via chat and email, with ANY of your questions Monday through Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What's the time commitment?"

In addition to our 1-hour calls, I would plan to spend about 4 hours a week between calls. During that time, you'll be working towards your goal. Ultimately, this is a self-guided program, so it will be up to you to put the work in. I'll be there to help and support you!

"What will be the end goal?"

We'll decide that together! It all depends on ultimately where you see your influencer career going. To give you some ideas, I've helped clients:

  • Improve their content and content strategy (photos, videos, etc.) across multiple platforms
  • Make their IG & TikTok attractive to brands so they can monetize
  • Land larger brand deals
  • Create and sell their first digital products
  • Expand into blogging & email marketing

"I'm a new influencer—can I get 1:1 help?"

If you're a new influencer, I recommend you take #Sponsored Bootcamp before jumping into one of my longer coaching packages. A lot of students will book a strategy call and enroll in the Bootcamp, so they have some personalized direction moving forward.

"What is the difference between 1 mo. and 3 mo. coaching?"

The one month coaching package is perfect for working towards a short term goal (ex: improve your video content, expand to another platform, or add a new stream of income). 3 month is better for us to work on the long-term vision of your business.

"What is the difference between 1 mo. and 3 mo. coaching?"

It depends on your goals! If you're just looking for a bit of refinement and feedback, the one-month incubator is perfect, otherwise 3 months would be the way to go. Really what we're doing is creating new influencer-centric habits so you can see long-term results. By the end of our time together, you should have a long-term vision and plan for what you will be working on to take the next steps in your influencer career.

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