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With 230k+ followers across IG & TikTok, and 5+ years of experience, I provide influencer coaching for current influencers & aspiring creators!

I'm using my experience as an accomplished creator to help you grow a fruitful influencer career, so you can live an extraordinary life.

My clients triple their income, attract their dream sponsors, grow their following, build recognizable brands, and ditch their 9 to 5’s. Mentorship + accountability are about to be your new besties!

My Expertise

See my expertise

Negotiating multi-figure contracts with large name sponsors & getting discovered by brands

Building an influencer monetization strategy with multiple income streams

Organically growing an engaged social media audience & a recognizable brand on IG & TikTok

My Expertise

Developing content strategy that keeps you growing on one or multiple social platforms like IG & TikTok

Expanding your personal brand through blogging, podcasting, email, & digital products.

from fired to influencer & instagram influencer coach

"who are you?"

I was fired from my 9-5 and I turned that loss into my dream job.

New here? Hi! I'm Dani! Known as Dani The Explorer.

I started my influencer career after I was fired from my 9 to 5. 

Through a TON of trial and error, I learned how to grow, successfully ask brands for money and negotiate multi-figure deals without the help of a manager.

DIYing it wasn't easy. I know how overwhelming figuring this stuff out can be when you're new to the space. So being a social media and instagram influencer coach, I want to help you to live out your creative dreams. 

as seen in

Becoming an influencer completely changed my life.

After becoming an influencer, I was able to:

  • Work for myself (still do) and enjoy the freedom that comes with it
  • Travel the world—"Location Independent" is my middle name! I've traveled up an down Europe, around the entire USA in a campervan, trekked Peru, and through the jungles of Asia
  • Land 6-figures in brand deals from companies I love like Mazda, American Express and Marriott!

But above all, I have a career I built from the ground up and am SO proud of. I love getting paid to be creative and be myself.

And I love the Explorer community that's supported me along the way.

Next, let's talk about how we can work together to get YOU these results.

"We're so close to making six-figures this year!"

We’ve scored much bigger deals with what we learned. Dani has been an amazing coach and has answered all of my questions, and I love that we have a little community to support each other. I refer back to her teachings so much and it’s very valuable especially for the legal/negotiation side of things. Would recommend it to anyone!” 

- @theloverspassport

1:1 Coaching—Influencer Incubator

Are you a content creator wanting a more personalized coaching experience to get you to where you want to be? You're over DIY-ing. You're looking for mentorship, guidance, AND accountability from an experienced influencer.

How would it feel to have a custom roadmap that takes into account your strengths and overall vision?

If you're on the other side of this screen nodding like, "Yes, YES" then keep reading!

Let's talk more about what the Incubator is and who it's for.

done-with-you service

Say hello to The influencer incubator:

This is your opportunity to get my full attention and support! 

2 calls a month for 3 months (6 calls total) where together, we'll tackle your specific goals. Like...

  • Become an influencer ("Where do I start?")
  • Work with your first brand or land bigger, better deals
  • Grow your influence with a rock-solid content strategy that doesn't leave you feeling burnt out
  • Something else (start that blog, create that product...)
see what's included

here's what's included

2, 60-minute video calls a month for 3 months (6 calls total), where we'll do a deep dive into your goals

A custom coaching plan and roadmap for our time together AND afterwards—that way you're taking action during our calls, but also know how to conquer the world when we say "Adios!"

M-F support—In-between calls, ask me questions, for feedback, or ideas. You'll have a personal Teachable Coaching dashboard where we can chit chat

Templates for brand deals—My Ultimate Influencer Starter Pack

On-going support—Additional 1-month of support after our coaching calls (via email or Teachable chat)

You'll walk away with a custom game plan for meeting your goal, so you can live out your influencer dreams ;)

How it works

1. Let's plan

Based on your needs, I'll create a custom coaching plan/ outline for our calls. I'll have you take a look, and if you approve, we'll begin!

2. Calls

We'll have 2 calls a month for 3 months. This is our time to work together on your goals. Need me to look over your profile? Done. Need feedback on a video you just made? You got it. Not sure how to niche down? I got you!

3. Action

In-between calls, I'm going to give you Action items to work on. These are actionable steps you can implement immediately. As your new accountability buddy, I'll be there to hold your hand through this and make sure you're kickin' @$$ as we go.

Who is it for?

I'm the influencer coach for you if...

You're looking for more personalized attention and want a custom plan to meet your specific needs

You're new to the influencer space and don't know where to start with any of this sh*t—like what is a personal brand? Niche who?

You've reached a certain point in your influencer career where you feel like you're ready to take things up a notch, but you need some extra guidance—you've hit a plateau

We're not a matchy match if...

You’re looking for “easy” wins, like follow/ unfollow growth tactics

You're looking for something that's more at-your-own-pace style—like my influencer course #Sponsored Bootcamp!

You want to work with an influencer coach who has actually been in your shoes and has experience being an influencer




No funds due now. Payment plans available.

Next Steps: After you submit your form, I'll look it over. From there, we'll set up a 15-min Discovery Call to answer any questions you have. Once we establish you're a fit, we'll begin your coaching!

fill this out and i'll be in touch!

Questions people ask before saying "YASSSSSS" to the Incubator

"Is the Incubator for me? Who is this for?"

If you're an influencer who...
  • Has big goals for your social media and influencer career, but you want help. You want some guidance and accountability to make things happen.
  • Has taken courses or received coaching before but still feel stuck. You're ready to work with someone who's been in your shoes and will create a custom plan to help you reach your goals
  • Is serious about becoming an influencer, growing a recognizable brand, and monetizing your social media.
Then yes, the Influencer Incubators were made for you!

"What kind of support am I getting?"

You're getting one-on-one attention from an experienced influencer coach. Twice a month, for three months, we'll meet for 60-minutes on a video call.

Additionally, you get my help, via chat and email, with ANY of your questions Month through Friday. If you need my feedback on something, feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused—I'm there! 

Unlike a course, this is a done-with-you service. I'll be holding your hand through this journey.

If you've been looking for someone to hold you accountable to your goals, I'm the coach for you!

"Will this help me if I have a small following?"

Yes! First, micro and nano creators (aka folks with under 100K followers) are valuable and highly desired by brands.

I've helped creators with less than 5,000 followers land their first brand deals, grow to 100K, and build memorable brands.

So don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Whether you're starting from 100 followers or 0, we can work together to get you to where you want to be. 

"What's the difference between this and your course?"

My signature course, #Sponsored Bootcamp, is a done-for-you roadmap. 

It's a pre-recorded, online course for becoming an influencer. You can complete it at your own pace. A 1:1 Incubator is a customized roadmap. 

With the Bootcamp, you complete the lessons on your own and you're your main accountability buddy. With 1:1 coaching, I'm there with you.

Students in #Sponsored Bootcamp have a Facebook group to ask me questions, but they do not receive one-on-one calls or a custom coaching plan for their very specific goals!

Apply now

"What's the time commitment?"

In addition to our 1-hour calls, I would plan to spend about 4 hours a week between calls. During that time, you'll be working towards your goal. 

That "work" might include things like:
  • Creating content
  • Editing your profile
  • Creating a product
  • Writing
  • Reaching out to brands

"What will be the end goal?"

We'll decide that together! It all depends on ultimately where you see your influencer career going.

To give you some ideas, I've helped clients:

  • Start their brand from scratch
  • Learn HOW to create content (take photos, videos, etc.)
  • Make their IG & TikTok attractive to brands so they can monetize
  • Land their first brand deal
  • Create a seamless content strategy across multiple platforms
  • Create and sell their first digital products

Regardless, you should be able to walk away from the Incubator with a clear, actionable plan for the long run. 

I want you to know where you're going and have a complete understanding of how you're going to continue on with your influencer goals.

"Is this enough time?"

Yes. 3 months is enough time to help you reach milestones with your influencer career. 

Really what we're doing is changing your mindset and creating new influencer-centric habits so you can see long-term results.

Bootcamp Video testimonials

See what students are saying!

I want in!

Check out these brand deals Students have landed:

"I landed my first paid brand deal with 1,000 followers!"

Dani's advice is genuine! She gives specific and detailed advice that has helped me learn more about content creation and influencing work. I have landed brand deals with only 1,000 followers! I am truly shocked that I was able to land deals with such a small following! I give all the credit to Dani's course and community of creators for their inspiration and guidance!"

- @aplanandplace, #sponsored bootcamp student

From Where next Nicole...

"I think it is a perfect course to help creatives grow their personal brand and share their content more effectively on Instagram. 

I wish when starting out I had of found this Bootcamp. It would have made everything easier. I will 100% be recommending this course to anyone wanting to grow there account and produce higher quality content that reaches more people." 

From the wandering queen...

"Dani helped me obtain long term relationships with outdoor companies like REI!

#Sponsored Bootcamp helped me gain confidence to pitch large outdoor names. No more free gear for Instagram posts."

Have questions?

Contact me and ask away!

Click that button below to contact me and ask whatever questions you have about the Bootcamp or Incubator.

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