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With 230k+ followers across platforms, and 5+ years of experience, I provide influencer coaching for current influencers & aspiring creators!

As a coach, I'm using my experience as an accomplished travel influencer to help you grow a fruitful influencer career, so you can live an extraordinary life. My clients triple their income, attract their dream sponsors, grow their following, build recognizable brands, and ditch their 9 to 5’s. Mentorship + accountability are about to be your new besties. I offer 1:1 coaching, online influencer courses, and profile audits. Let's dive into what those look like. 
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My Expertise

Negotiating multi-figure contracts with large name sponsors & getting discovered by brands

Building an influencer monetization strategy that goes beyond brand deals

Organically growing an engaged social media audience & a recognizable brand

My Expertise

Developing content strategy that keeps you growing on one or multiple social platforms like IG & TikTok

Expanding your personal brand through blogging, podcasting, and email.

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"We're so close to making six-figures this year!"

We’ve scored much bigger deals with what we learned. Dani has been an amazing coach and has answered all of my questions, and I love that we have a little community to support each other. I refer back to her teachings so much and it’s very valuable especially for the legal/negotiation side of things. Would recommend it to anyone!” 

- @theloverspassport

Who is it for?

I'm the influencer coach for you if...

You're a current or new creator and hit a plateau with your growth.

You're a current or new influencer working with brands for free, or have NEVER worked with brands, but you wanna earn $$$$

You're new to the influencer space and don't know where to start with any of this sh*t—like what is a personal brand? Niche who?

You're unsure about things like how to pitch brands, negotiate paid deals, WHAT to charge, what to look for in contracts, how to create a media kit, etc.

You've reached a certain point in your influencer career where you feel like you're ready to take things up a notch, but you need some extra guidance.

We're not a matchy match if...

You're not serious about monetizing or growing your Instagram or social media accounts.

You’re looking for “easy” wins, like follow/ unfollow growth tactics. 

See how it works!

You want to work with an influencer coach who has actually been in your shoes and has experience being an influencer

How it works

1. Pick Your Service

I offer 1:1 Coaching, online courses, and IG audits. Pick what service you believe you need! *You can enroll in the courses & audit today without step 2!*

2. Discovery Call

Have questions? We'll set up a Discovery Call to go over where you're currently at with your influencer career, where you want to be, and how I can help.

3. Get Coaching

Once we finalize what sort of coaching program will work best for you, we'll get you all set up and start your coaching!

take me to the services!

So if you're feeling...

frustrated by the algorithm and beyond...

There must be some sorcery work here because how in the heck are all these creators earning and living and gaining thousands of new followers? 

Overwhelmed & confused by the thought of...

Having to create content, keeping up with new app features, engaging, finding brand contacts, PITCHING, and NEGOTIATING (*halp*) successfully on your own.

NOT SURE if....

Being an influencer is even a real job. Surely all those big pages you follow are run by lucky people. Besides, there's no WAY you can get paid with your small following. Right?

The Results

Then how does this sound?

Wake up & work whenever you want because you’re the boss—FREEDOM.

Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy.

Have a well-known personal brand & engaged community.

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.

Land multi-figure sponsorships on the regular, then scale your influencer career to whatever heights you can dream up

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1:1 Coaching & Accountability

Are you a content creator wanting a more personalized coaching experience to get you to where you want to be? Looking for mentorship, guidance, AND accountability?

You have a dream in mind for your influencer career, but you need an extra push and some tailored direction to help you get there.

I offer 60-min 1:1 calls, a 6-week 1:1 program, and completely customized coaching plans. To get started, hit that button below to request a complimentary Discovery Call. That's where we'll determine the right plan for you!


Bootcamp Video testimonials

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See What's Inside!

Take a quick look inside the #Sponsored Bootcamp curriculum! You'll see what the lessons are like and what to expect!

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"I landed my first paid brand deal with 1,000 followers!"

Dani's advice is genuine! She gives specific and detailed advice that has helped me learn more about content creation and influencing work. I have landed brand deals with only 1,000 followers! I am truly shocked that I was able to land deals with such a small following! I give all the credit to Dani's course and community of creators for their inspiration and guidance!"

- @aplanandplace, #sponsored bootcamp student

revamp your profile

Instagram Profile Audit

There's already so much to worry about with your influencer career. You don't have time to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Get professional feedback from someone who's already done it and helps others succeed too.

ohh, gimme!

from fired to influencer & instagram influencer coach

but nowI know how to help!

I was fired from my 9-5 and I turned that loss into my dream job.

Today, the Dani The Explorer community sits at a collective 200k on IG & TikTok, reaching 3M+ users a month.

I was fired from my marketing agency fresh out of college, leaving me overwhelmed by the nagging thought of “what’s next?”

Through a TON of trial and error, I learned how to successfully ask brands for money and negotiate multi-figure deals without the help of a manager.

DIYing it wasn't easy. I know how overwhelming figuring this stuff out can be when you're new to the space. So being a social media and instagram influencer coach, I want to help you to live out your creative dreams. 

Check out these brand deals my clients have landed:

"Thanks to her guidance and encouragement, I’ve negotiated campaigns with brands that pay thousands of dollars.

While I've found that other courses tend to skim over on how to successfully work with brands, four out of the seven modules in the #Sponsored Bootcamp are dedicated to helping you pitch brands, price your services, and negotiate contracts. Dani even provides a variety of email templates for you to use! I swear this course covers everything and will provide you with all the information you need to help you achieve your goals." 

- @thelovelyescapist

What clients are saying

"Brand deals coming in hot and about 100 new followers a week!

I would absolutely recommend Dani's coaching to anyone looking to grow their influencer business through Instagram. Just since taking her course, I've learned how to make effective Reels, added more value to my content, landed several paid content creation jobs, and overall took my professionalism up to a whole other level with the help of pitch deck and media kit templates and brand relationship tips. Since buying #Sponsored Bootcamp, Dani has also added several new bonus modules and shows up monthly to meet with her students LIVE for Q&A. The value just doesn't stop, and I've already gotten ROI on the cost of the course."

- @organized_adventurer


in student earnings


followers gained


# of times I cried about that

okay maybe the last part is exaggerated a bit, but ...

Students have made 6-figures, left their 9 to 5s, and launched their own products.

And I am so damn proud of them.

Figuring it out on your own is possible, but I can guarantee it takes a lot longer and it’s a lot more complicated.

Collective student numbers

From Where next Nicole...

"I think it is a perfect course to help creatives grow their personal brand and share their content more effectively on Instagram. 

I wish when starting out I had of found this Bootcamp. It would have made everything easier. I will 100% be recommending this course to anyone wanting to grow there account and produce higher quality content that reaches more people." 

From the wandering queen...

"Dani helped me obtain long term relationships with outdoor companies like REI!

#Sponsored Bootcamp helped me gain confidence to pitch large outdoor names. No more free gear for Instagram posts."

Success Stories


"I landed a brand deal that more than paid for the course within a week of enrolling. And what really made me enroll was I could tell how much you cared about small creators."

Let's get you these results!


"When we saw how in depth #Sponsored Bootcamp went, that caught our eye! And the course gave us so much confidence."


"My biggest takeaway from the course has been the personal experience you offer through templates, and the community. The community gets you inspired by what other people are doing."

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