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I’ll cut to the chase: I provide Instagram coaching for micro influencers & aspiring creators!

As a coach, I'm helping you grow a fruitful business as an influencer, so you can start living an extraordinary life. My students triple their income, quadruple their following, and ditch their 9 to 5’s. Whether you want extra money in your pocket, passive income, or you want a career as a content creator, I'm an influencer coach here to help!

My Expertise

Negotiating multi-figure contracts with large name brands

Building a scalable and fruitful influencer business that goes beyond brand deals

Organically growing an Instagram account with rock-solid content strategy

My Expertise

#Sponsored Bootcamp 

Instagram coaching for micro influencers done at your own pace! #Sponsored Bootcamp is my A to Z roadmap for becoming a full-time influencer. By the end of the course you'll be able to:

- Feel confident AF in yourself, your pricing, and your brand.
- Grow an engaging online community that loves you.
- Pitch companies your biggest ideas with confidence.
- Negotiate campaigns with brands for thousands of dollars.
- Launch your own products, blog, membership program, or whatever you want because you're your own boss now!

Plus, you get group coaching with me every month!

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"Thanks to her guidance and encouragement, I’ve negotiated campaigns with brands that pay thousands of dollars.

While I've found that other courses tend to skim over on how to successfully work with brands, four out of the seven modules in the #Sponsored Bootcamp are dedicated to helping you pitch brands, price your services, and negotiate contracts. Dani even provides a variety of email templates for you to use! I swear this course covers everything and will provide you with all the information you need to help you achieve your goals." 

- @thelovelyescapist

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What students are saying

From Where next Nicole...

"I think it is a perfect course to help creatives grow their personal brand and share their content more effectively on Instagram. 

I wish when starting out I had of found this course it would have made everything easier. I will 100% be recommending this course to anyone wanting to grow there account and produce higher quality content that reaches more people." 

From the wandering queen...

"Dani helped me obtain long term relationships with outdoor companies like REI!

#Sponsored Bootcamp helped me gain confidence to pitch large outdoor names. No more free gear for Instagram posts.What I love about this course is the monthly Facebook lives where we can ask Dani all of our questions."

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