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How to Create an Influencer Media Kit That Gets Brand Deals

Apr 13, 2022

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MEDIA KITS – the one document everyone talks about, but almost no one knows how to actually make one worth looking at. Yeah, you heard me. Just like everything else in the influencer industry, figuring out an influencer media kit is confusing AF. 

When I started out in this space, I left Google more confused than ever on what the f*ck should and should not be on my media kit. I’m about to clarify that based on my personal experience as both a seasoned influencer and an influencer coach. And that’s whether you need a media kit for Instagram or other social media platforms.

This post is going to answer the almighty question every new influencer asks, rightfully so, “What is a media kit for influencers?” Like, how do you make one? Why TF do you need it? I got you, boo. AND, we’ll be discussing what NOT to include in your media kit.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is a Media Kit for Influencers?

A media kit for influencers is a professional document that influencers send to potential clients and brand sponsors. A media kit will describe more about who the influencer is, their social media stats, and what previous clients they’ve worked with.

Simple, right? Yes! It actually is.

The problem with an influencer media kit is that people almost make it too simple. Sure, a media kit should highlight everything great about you, but who is an influencer media kit REALLY for?


Did you read that first line? “A media kit for influencers is a professional document that influencers send to potential clients and brand sponsors.”

You’re sending this document to BRANDS. Brands see thousands of influencer media kits all day! They don’t care about you and how great you are. They care about what YOU can DO for THEM. Boom. That’s where people miss the mark, all. The. Time. It’s easy to go on and on about ourselves. What’s not easy is selling our services as beneficial to others.

I guess now I should use this as a segway to discuss what a media kit is NOT. If you’re looking to become an Instagram influencer, this next section is important!

What is a media kit for influencers

What an Influencer Media Kit is Not

An influencer media kit is not quite a bit. Let’s discuss.

An Autobiography 

“Four score and seven years ago—” no. Stop right there. This is not the time for epic speeches or an autobiography. Your media kit is not the place to spill your beans and tell potential clients useless information about you that would better serve your Tinder profile.

A Rate Card

GAH. This one really gets me. Your content creator media kit is NOT an influencer rate card! BAHHHHHHH. Stop putting your rates on your media kit, please. We can discuss a better way to do this later, but I need you to understand that you are seriously diminishing your negotiating power when you put your rates on your media kit.

A Spreadsheet

Yes, you should include stats in your media kit, but not every single one is important. Your Instagram influencer media kit is not a spreadsheet with formula SUM=(. No no. Don’t do brands dirty like that.

PHEW. Okay. Can you tell I’m very passionate about this stuff? Haha!

Let’s move on.

Influencer Rate Card Template

What Should Be in Your Influencer Media Kit? 

  1. About Me Section
  2. Stats Section
  3. Services Offered Section
  4. Audience Section
  5. Photos and Work Examples

It doesn’t matter whether you’re making an influencer media kit, a TikTok media kit, a micro influencer media kit, or some other content creator media kit. What should be included in your media kit is all relatively the same, give or take.

I’ll break that list of elements elements down now!

#1 The About Me Section

Of course, we want you to tell potential brand sponsors a little bit about who you are! We just don’t wanna turn this into a 60 Minutes segment, k?

Here’s what to include in your about me section.

  • Your Name—Duh! What’s your name? Do you or your brand go by something different? For example, I’m Dani, but my brand name is Dani The Explorer.
  • Your Home Base—This is more important than you might think—include where you’re based! Just let the brands know what city, state, or country you’re in.
  • Your Contact Info—Include your primary social handle or email address – or both!
  • Bio—This is not an autobiography! Your bio should be short, sweet, and include the highlights of your personal brand.

#2 Stats Section

Ahhhh, the coveted social media statistics section of the influencer media kit. Let’s dive in.

  • Number of Followers—Include the number of followers you have on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Don’t include it if you don’t use a specific social media channel!
  • Impressions—How many people usually see your content? Include impressions!
  • Reach/ Views—Reach is the number of unique accounts that have seen your content at least once. If you do a lot of videos or create viral Instagram Reels, I’d put views in there too!
  • Engagement Rate—What percentage of your followers actually interact with your content? Calculate this as a percentage and put that in there too!
    • The Engagement Rate Formula I Use: (Post Likes + Comments + Saves + Shares) / Number of Followers

I typically include my 30-day stats. Then, if a brand needs something different, they’ll clarify.

#3 Services Offered Section

I like to also provide a list of my services in my influencer media kit. So I’ll dive more into that in this section.

  • List of Clients—Who have you worked with in the past? Brands love to know!
  • Services You Offer—What can you do for the brand? Are you a photographer AND videographer? One? The other?

#4 Audience Section

As an influencer, brands will pay you for access to your audience. That means your audience should be their ideal customer. AKA, their target audience.

  • Gender—Include the percentage of male and female followers.
  • Age—How old are most of your audience? Age can play an essential role in buying power.
  • Locations—Where is your audience located? Do they even have access to the brand’s products?
  • Interests—What the hell does your audience even care about? If you post about makeup, but your audience is interested in travel, they won’t give a damn what tint of lipstick you’re rocking.

#5 Photos & Work Examples

Now I will cover some “beyond the basics” items that should be included in your influencer media kit.

  • Photos—We want our media kit to look good, DUH. Therefore, you should include photos throughout your media kit!
  • Links to Your Work—Can you provide examples of work you have done in the past for other brands and companies? If so, link it!
  • A Headshot—This is primarily for the bio section! What better way to introduce yourself than with a biiigggg smiling face?
  • Social Media Handles—You should have already included these in your Stats section, but if not, make sure you include and link out to your existing social media handles.
  • Case Studies—If you really want to sell your influencer services, you must show results! A media kit template with case studies will do just that.
  • Info on How to Book Your Services—So what are the next steps? Don’t just leave a brand hanging! Tell them how to go ahead and move forward with you!
Media Kit Template

How to Make a Media Kit

So how in the heck are we supposed to take allllllll of this information and put it together? At this point, our influencer media kit will be an autobiography—HA. JK. I got you.

I went ahead and created a media kit template you can snag in my shop. It includes EVERYTHING we just discussed, is entirely customizable on Canva, AND includes fill-in-the-blank copy too! I know writing can be challenging for some people, so when you snag the template, you’ll also get a how to edit + media kit tips video and a Copy Help Guide.

You can check out your new media kit template and other templates in my shop! I’ve already done all the work for you. Take advantage of it! But now, I want to get into some more media kit tips.

Influencer Media Kit Template

Nano & Micro Influencer Media Kit

Where are my nano and micro influencers at? There you are! I see you!

K, so I know sometimes small creators maybe don’t have a ton of brand experience or don’t feel like they have the “numbers” to show off to brands, but here is the thing:

You deserve to get paid for your work, and you CAN. Micro and nano influencers are in such high demand right now. Typically you all have better engagement and deeper connections with your audience, which brands love!

If I were you and I didn’t have paying clients yet, I would literally hop on my social media and talk about a product I already use and love.

Let’s say you have a lipstick you have been using for YEARS, and you swear by it. Hop on your Stories and show that lipstick off to your audience.

Link the SHIT out of it and make sure you tag the lipstick brand. After 24hr hours, take down the stats and use this information as a case study! BOOM. You can show results. No one said you had to get paid ;). “Is that cheating?” Absolutely not! It’s business.

How do you think wedding photographers get a portfolio going? They have their friends model in some dresses and take their pictures. We all have to start somewhere. Obviously, as you start getting paid, use those client results in your media kit template.

Including Prices

DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT DO THIS. So as I already mentioned before, your media kit is not your rate card. Think of your media kit like your influencer resume.

When you send a resume to a company, do you include your ideal salary? Of course not! What if the company gives you a higher number than what you had in mind. Same goes for influencers!

I save my rate cards for when I’m deep in negotiations; as in, a brand is interested in working with me and wants to see my rates for some deliverables. Trust me, just leave your pricing off your influencer media kit.

If you need an influencer rate card template, I have one of those for you too.

Influencer Rate Card Template

Media Kit FAQ

Let’s cover some lingering questions you might have on your media kit.

How Long Should It Be? 

I think public relations folks and influencer marketers have very conflicting thoughts on this. Honestly, my best brand deals have come from sending a multi-page media kit. That’s why my media kit template is 6 pages.

If I was at an event and needed a printout of my media kit, I could totally just use a one-page media kit. Truthfully, it all just depends on who you’re sending it to and your needs.

What Should The File Format Be?

PLEASE, for the love of whatever divine being you do or do not believe, save your media kit as a PDF. NOT A JPEG. NOT A PNG. A PDF.

That’s just standard and much more shareable between folks. Because yes, your media kit is likely to get passed around to multiple people after you send it.

How to Send It

I actually have an entire blog on how to get paid Instagram sponsorships that goes into pitching brands and all that fun stuff. You can read it in there for my tips on when to shoot your media kit out.

When Should You Make One?

Like now! Yesterday! Every influencer needs a media kit.

How Often Should You Update It?

I like to update mine every month. Now, if I have brands reaching out to me every week, I’ll go ahead and glance over my media kit to see if anything needs to be updated. From there, I’ll make the necessary changes.

Final Influencer Media Kit Tips

I think I’ve talked plenty about media kits by now! So let’s round this blog out with some final parting tips.

Think Like a Storyteller

When writing in your media kit, think like a storyteller! Think about the story your unique brand tells and how it can benefit the brand you’re sending it to!

Keep the Brand in Mind

Remember, media kits are really for brands. Therefore, you want to decipher what information a brand would find useful and include that in your media kit! Keep the extra stuff out.

Grammar Check

Please check your influencer media kit for typos. Check it twice if you have to. There is no better way to tell a brand, “I’m not detail-oriented,” than a whole bunch of typos on your media kit.

Compress Your Media Kit

This isn’t really a must, but I like to compress my media kit before sending it. The quality stays the same, but the compression helps reduce the file size.

I think it’s so annoying when a file won’t load because it’s too big, so I figured I’d help potential clients out and do the compression myself! I use Adobe Acrobat. It’s free and does the job!

I hope you enjoyed this guide on what is a media kit for influencers and how to make a successful media kit! I love writing about this stuff, and I love helping all of you!

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