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Ultimate Instagram Influencer Course

#Sponsored Bootcamp: An in-depth Instagram influencer course for aspiring influencers like you desiring to grow an engaged community, build a recognizable brand, and get paid to create and post by your dream brands—even without tens of thousands of followers.

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Check out these brand deals Students have landed:

"I landed my first paid brand deal with 1,000 followers!

Dani's advice is genuine! She gives specific and detailed advice that has helped me learn more about content creation and influencing work. I have landed brand deals with only 1,000 followers! I am truly shocked that I was able to land deals with such a small following! I give all the credit to Dani's course and community of creators for their inspiration and guidance!"

- @aplanandplace

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Think becoming aN Instagram influencer is only reserved for the lucky few?

Spoiler: it’s not. You can live this dream too, and you're in the right place.

If you want to build an online community of followers who adore you and make big money online you’ve probably been told some basic information like, “niche down,” “post videos,” or “pitch brands” (yuck!).

Like WTF does all of that even MEAN? 

You’re getting kinda tired of trying #allthethings that have been recommended without seeing any of the results.

Sometimes it just feels easier to let your influencer dream be just a dream.

We both know this dream is all you can think about when you’re doing soul-draining work at your 9-5, and binge-watching your favorite creators live the life you know you deserve but don't know how to make it happen...

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Video testimonials

See what students are saying!

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Psssst! This could be you...

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but alas, You've been feeling...

Overwhelmed with questions like, "Where do I start?"

Confused by all the advice you read online—"Does all that basic sh*t actually work?" "Did I start my profile too late? Is there too much competition now?" "Ahh! There's so much to do!"

Completely lost—your profile grew a little bit and you got some free products from brands, but how do you take it to the next level?

A little embarrassed by family and friends seeing you post influencer stuff

The one thing you’re really craving is all the answers laid out in front of you from someone who has been there, done that and built a successful influencer career landing 5-figure brand deals on repeat (Mazda, Adobe, American Express).

So, before you write off being an Instagram influencer as “not possible” for you, listen up.

  • It IS more than possible for you. 
  • The market isn’t too saturated.
  • The algorithm isn’t the enemy.
  • Oh, and one more thing – being an influencer is a REAL job. 

Even though sometimes you doubt yourself, you’re already influencing someone. You just need to learn how to leverage that to build an extraordinary career as an influencer.

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but listen, the biggest risk of all is letting your dreams pass you by.

Let me help.

This is your invitation to take control of your life and influencer career. 

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming an influencer to live life a life of freedom that YOU control, then stop wishing and start doing.

Figuring it out on your own is possible, but I can guarantee it takes a lot longer and it’s a lot more complicated.

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Just imagine what your life will feel like when you’re able to:

Feel confident AF in yourself, your pricing, and your brand after this course

Take a breath and not feel overwhelmed by your “wild” dreams because they’re your reality 

Have all the strategies you need to grow your influence right at your fingertips

Negotiate campaigns with brands for thousands of dollars (and work on retainer with them!)

Email brands with confidence because you have proven templates that get responses

Wake up to brands reaching out to YOU

Get free products AND get paid to post it (no more free product exchanges for posts)

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Like this:

Wait—let's address the one thing holding you back...

“But isn't the influencer space oversaturated?"

Nope! That’s a huge myth. Influencer marketing is a BILLION dollar industry. There are more than enough brands and enough followers for everyone, and I really mean that!

Brands are always looking for new influencers to work with to get the most ROI on their marketing campaigns and followers want to follow influencers who inspire them.

Let's address the one thing holding you back...

“But don't I need a ton of followers?"

You don’t need it! I promise you that you don’t need to have eons worth of followers to have an influencer business. You just need a framework, a blueprint, and a playbook with STRATEGY.

In #Sponsored Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to leverage your small following so you can start monetizing and building your influencer business. 

Let's address the one thing holding you back...

“But won't the algorithm keep me from growing?"

We’re going to work on your relationship with the algorithm because it’s what got me past 100k followers. (Yes, seriously!)

The truth is that the algorithm has made it EASIER for people to interact and keep up with the content they want to see. I’ll show you exactly how to build a strong a$$ brand that’s unique to you and everything you need to know about how to “beat” the algorithm. 

Let's address the one thing holding you back...

“But I've tried everything already."

Have you really though? I’m going to say that you haven’t because you’re here and you’re looking for what to try next (because you haven’t tried it all even if it feels like it!)

I designed the framework in this program to give you the right tools to get you where you want without the overwhelm.

Let's address the one thing holding you back...

“Yeah, but being an influencer isn't a real job."

Oooo. I wish I could go back to those family dinners where I was talking about my dreams to work for myself and leverage my social media following so I could say, “Look at me now!” but I can’t, and that’s counterproductive. 

your "but"

"Brand deals coming in hot and about 100 new followers a week!

I would absolutely recommend Dani's courses to anyone looking to grow their influencer business through Instagram. Just since taking this course, I've learned how to make effective Reels, added more value to my content, landed several paid content creation jobs, and overall took my professionalism up to a whole other level with the help of pitch deck and media kit templates and brand relationship tips.  I've already gotten ROI on the cost of the course."

- @organized_adventurer

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This could be you!


The A-Z Instagram influencer course that helps creators like you grow, monetize, and build your dream life.


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This course is everything I wish I had when I first started my influencer career. I took all the trial and error strategies I used and condensed it into a framework that has landed me multiple 6-figures worth of brand deals.

When you join us inside, you’ll learn how to grow a loyal following who obsess over your content and have brands paying you to work with them.

This is your invitation to say "yes" to your dreams and the freedom that comes with this career!

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Module 1—Creator Productivity

Create content on repeat like a BOSS & avoid burnout. 
  • Get my best tips and tools for being a productivity machine so you can create content consistently
  • Learn all about batching content and how to stay organized as an influencer so you can juggle multiple projects

Module 2—Finding Your Niche + Creating Content

You're unique and that’s your unique selling point. 
  • Develop a well-rounded personal brand unique to you by deep diving into your niche, personality, and content pillars
  • Learn my best tips for creating an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed
  • Get an Adobe Lightroom tutorial that will show you exactly how I edit my photos and teach you some basic editing skills you can use on your Instagram content.
  • BONUS: Photography for Influencers E-Book—Learn tips for taking better photos: posing, camera settings, composition and more!

Module 3—Organically Growing a Community

Create content your audience can’t wait to engage with
  • Master your content strategy and how to consistently create IG content without feeling overwhelmed
  • How to get consistent exposure, more reach, and new followers with hashtags
  • Utilize Reels to create content your audience loves and skyrocket your account growth
  • Master strategies for writing engaging captions your audience will comment on 
  • BONUS: Reels Best Practices from the Instagram Team
  • BONUS: Viral Reels & TikToks E-Book

Module 4—Building Your Portfolio

Captivating content that captures brands attention
  • Exactly what kind of content you should create to get paid brand deals
  • How you can earn money as an influencer (like replace your salary income)
  • What kind of work brands hire influencers for 
  • BONUS: PR Agency Tracker—get on PR agencies' "list" of influencers to hire for campaigns

Module 5—What to Charge

Has pricing been a huge struggle for you to date? Land brand deals, feel confident in your prices, and expand your income.
  • Gain confidence in pricing your brand deliverables 
  • Have guidance on how much to charge and an influencer now and as you grow
  • Know when to raise your rates and charge more
  • Identify triggers in brand deals that will give you the go-ahead to charge a premium for your services

Module 6—Pitching Brands

Learn what makes a successful pitch that has brands responding and paying you.
  • Ideas for working with brands as a small creator and how to highlight what services you offer so you don’t get overlooked because of your follower count (nano & micro influencers are all the rage right now, seriously!)
  • Understand what makes a successful pitch from finding brand contacts to writing out strong pitch emails

Module 7—Negotiating Brand Deals

Land high-value brand contracts on repeat
  • Hyper-focused on negotiation tactics to land 4 and 5-figure deals with your favorite brands
  • Learn my exact process for approaching negotiations
  • Know how to respond to negotiations based on different scenarios
  • Confidently read brand contracts so you never get taken advantage of

Module 8—Going Beyond Brand Deals (Scale)

Where you start isn’t where you’ll always be so it’s important you know how to take what you have now and scale your influencer business so you can continue to earn a consistent income. 
  • Learn business tools that will help you operate smoothly
  • Diversify your income to make even more money beyond brand deals 
  • Understand the basics of creating a digital product for your audience

What's inside

See What's Inside!

Take a quick look inside the #Sponsored Bootcamp curriculum! You'll see what the lessons are like and what to expect!

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In addition to getting lifetime access to the course, you’ll also get:

Templates galore

We're talking email pitch and negotiation templates, media kit templates, rate card, pitch deck, workbooks, checklists, planners, and everything you'd want in a toolkit


Access to Dani to hash out what's going on with you and discuss whatever questions arise on your journey!

private fb Community

You'll gain access to a private Facebook community with current and alumni students. This is a safe space to meet each other and discuss your journey.

access to all updates

To keep this course as up-to-date as possible, it is always getting updated with current info. You get lifetime access to current and new content to come—no extra charge!

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sign up bonus!

Expert Masterclasses!

Learn from law, accounting, and other social media experts in hyper-focused masterclasses that'll help you take your Instagram influence to the next level!

Lessons include: Law for Influencers, Pinterest Strategy, Small Biz Accounting 101, and Blogging for Beginners.

ohh, gimme!

sign up bonus #2!

Pitching Tourism Boards

Ready to get paid to travel? In addition to the Masterclasses, when you sign up for the Instagram influencer course today, you'll get access to a deep-dive module for pitching Tourism Boards.

These are the exact strategies Dani has used to book hotels and work with tourism boards like Discover South Carolina, Discover Puerto Rico, Go the Dominican Republic, and more. Students have used this bonus module to score gigs with tourism boards like Visit California and Visit New Hampshire.

I wanna travel this year!

Case Studies

Giselle & stephen went from 4k to 200k+ followers & a 6-figure income

"We're so close to making six-figures this year!"

“We’ve scored much bigger deals with what we learned. Dani has been an amazing coach and has answered all of my questions, and I love that we have a little community to support each other. I refer back to it so much and it’s very valuable especially for the legal/negotiation side of things. Would recommend it to anyone!” 
- @theloverspassport

This could be you....

michelle  Scored long-term brand deals & left her 9 to 5

"#Sponsored Bootcamp helped me obtain long term relationships with outdoor companies like REI!"

“Before #Sponsored Bootcamp, I struggled with pitching brands and knowing how much to charge. Now I’m excited and feel confident with my pricing and how to talk to brands. I used to be all over the place when it came to working with companies but now I know how much I am worth. #Sponsored Bootcamp helped me gain confidence to pitch large outdoor names. No more free gear for Instagram posts.

This course is great for anyone trying to be a full time content creator!” 
- @thewanderingqueen

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let's do this!

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A Facebook community with direct access to Dani (value: $297)

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That's over $5,300 in goodies.

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Hi! I'm Dani.

i can help because i've been there

I was fired from my 9-5 and I turned that loss into 230k+ followers & 6-figures worth of brand deals.

Yep! I was fired from my marketing agency fresh out of college, leaving me overwhelmed by the nagging thought of “what’s next?”

I knew I wanted freedom and that an online business would get me there, but I had no idea where to begin. 

I read all the tips from the “experts,” but I wasn’t landing brand contracts and was seeing next to no growth (yawn).

That’s when I realized I needed to make a strategic plan on my own to run my influencer business. 

That plan landed me partnerships with

& it's landed my students partnerships with

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I spent a long time in the trial and error phase until I started landing consistent brand deals, grew my account to 100,000+ followers on IG, and created a loyal audience.

With this Instagram influencer course, I’ve since been able to teach other people just like you how to do it too!

I’ve landed six figures in brand deals, traveled the world on my time, and lived out of a campervan because I’ve wanted to. 

But guess what? SO HAVE MY STUDENTS.

The strategies in #Sponsored Bootcamp (the social media influencer course you never knew you needed) are the ones I’m using in my business to date so I know they work. 

I made the framework as easy to follow as possible whether being an influencer is a new dream or you’re already creating content and ready to become a full-time influencer.

We’re going to build your online business empire together and I can’t wait to watch you succeed!

xoxo Dani

What #Sponsored Bootcamp will help you achieve:

Feel confident AF with your pricing and what to charge for sponsored content.

Develop a content strategy that attracts new followers and converts them into fans

Have a well-known personal brand unique to YOU, like helloooo you can actually get paid to be you!

Pitch & negotiate campaigns with your DREAM brands

Have the tools to land 4 and 5-figure brand deals with confidence and on the regular.

If you choose to go all-in with your influencer career, this is what’s possible for you (and more!)

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"Dani really gives you the real talk about this business and influencer stuff from A to Z, she doesn’t hold back on her value—she was able to apply her knowledge of the industry to my personal story, which boosted my confidence so much. 

I love that she’s been successful and she’s just so easy to talk to and excited for you and your influencer business.”


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Who is this Influencer course for?

#SB is for you if...

You've hit a plateau with your IG growth.

You're a new creator who doesn't know where to start & wants to build a personal brand unique to you that fans will love!

You're an aspiring influencer who wants to learn how to work with brands.

You're a current influencer working with brands for free, but want to get PAID.

You're unsure about things like how to pitch brands, negotiate paid deals, WHAT to charge, and how to create a media kit.

It's probably not for you if...

You do not have aspirations of monetizing your Instagram account.

You’re looking for “easy” wins, like follow/ unfollow growth tactics. 

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More Case studies


"I landed a brand deal that more than paid for the course within a week of enrolling. And what really made me enroll was I could tell how much you cared about small creators."

Let's get you these results!


"When we saw how in depth #Sponsored Bootcamp went, that caught our eye! And the course gave us so much confidence."


"My biggest takeaway from the course has been the personal experience you offer through templates, and the community. The community gets you inspired by what other people are doing."

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One of the best parts?

Because it’s one thing to grow and start landing brand deals here and there, but you need more. You need to build an extraordinary, recognizable brand that your people LOVE.

You need a career that is 100% you.

We're ditching the basics, I’m teaching you how to build a powerful influencer empire. You'll walk away from this course with the foundations and knowledge to be your own boss. 

Get that “world’s best boss” mug queued up in your Amazon cart.

This course gives you the foundations for an online career as a content creator.

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"Thanks to Dani's guidance and encouragement, I’ve negotiated campaigns with brands that pay thousands of dollars.

While I've found that other courses tend to skim over on how to successfully work with brands, four out of the seven modules in the #Sponsored Bootcamp are dedicated to helping you pitch brands, price your services, and negotiate contracts. Dani even provides a variety of email templates for you to use! I swear this course covers everything and will provide you with all the information you need to help you achieve your goals." 


More success stories!

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"I love how specific Dani gets in this course. There's no fluff. It's all tangible things that I can actually implement. She breaks down exactly everything I need to consider when creating content,

from posting frequency, how to make sure my Instagram account grows, hashtag use, how to get the most out of the content I create, and finally how to actually pitch brands and get brand partnerships. It's really an A-Z course for influencers. It's worth way more than the investment! Because Dani breaks literally everything down." 


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Questions people ask before saying “hell yes” to #Sponsored Bootcamp

"Do I need a large following to join?"

You do not need a large following to take #Sponsored Bootcamp. Some students have started the course with under 1,000 followers and are still growing! 

#Sponsored Bootcamp is for you if you’re a current influencer in need of guidance to scale, whether that’s increasing engagement and attracting new followers or landing higher paying brand deals. The Bootcamp is also for aspiring content creators looking to become full-time influencers, but have NO idea where to start. 

"How do I know this will work?"

These are the same tools, templates, and the roadmap I use to DATE in my business. I know these strategies work. 

Not to mention, students have landed six figure incomes, and multiple have already left their 9 to 5s because the strategies they learned have helped them earn a livable salary.

This is the very course I wish I had when I started my influencer journey. It's all the things you need to succeed minus the bullshit you find recycled online.

"How long will the course take to complete?"

This course is entirely self-paced so you get to decide how long it takes to complete! Students on average will take about a month to absorb all the material. Lessons are no longer than 20 minutes (most are much shorter). So if you have limited time, you can do one lesson a day and still make progress and see growth!

"How long do I get access?"

For life! You get lifetime access to all course materials. On a regular basis, I am adding new lessons, updating old ones, and making sure the course content is fresh. You get access to all those updates and bonuses too!

So what are you waiting for?

you're going to get To:

Wake up & work whenever you want because you’re the boss - FREEDOM.

Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy.

Have a well-known personal brand & engaging community.

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.

Land multi-figure sponsorships on the regular, then scale your biz pas brand deals

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