10 Best Scottsdale Coffee Shops for Irresistible Drinks & Vibes

Aug 15, 2022

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Sure, you probably know Scottsdale, Arizona, for its old west vibes, mountains, shopping, and high-end dining, buttttt do you know about the best Scottsdale coffee shops?

As a local, I feel slightly biased when I say that Scottsdale coffee shops are some of my favorites, but alas, it’s true. 

Of course, they have the obvious, like great beans, pastries, and barista blend non-dairy milk (v hipster), but you might not know that Scottsdale coffee shops go ALL out. 

From being totally Instagrammable to hosting car events to blasting classic hip-hop, the best coffee in Scottsdale has much more than pour-overs.

And once we dive into what makes each of the 10 coffee shops on this list as awesome as they are, the caffeine addict in you is going to be screaminnnnnggg for a double shot oat milk latte—no? Just me?

K, well, without further ado, let’s dive into Scottsdale’s best coffee shops!

Written from local experience.

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Where to Stay in Scottsdale, AZ

Need a swanky hotel during your trip? These are my top 3 picks for where to stay!

  • The Scott Resort & Spa—A Havana-inspired hotel that will leave you feeling like you’re on an island getaway. Home to the amazing Canal Club where you HAVE to try a coconut mojito.
  • Royal Palms Resort and Spa—The perfect luxury spot for a special occasion. Every corner of this hotel is beautiful and will make you never want to leave Scottsdale!
  • Hotel Valley Ho—A fun hotel that’ll give you retro vibes.Spend all day at their pool, which has a jaw-dropping mountain view, before heading to Old Town Scottsdale

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List of the Best Scottsdale, AZ Coffee Shops

  1. Berdena’s
  2. Cartel Coffee Lab
  3. Press Coffee and Roasters
  4. Sip Coffee and Beer House
  5. Fourtillfour Cafe
  6. Mystical Coffee
  7. Yellow Spruce
  8. Echo Coffee
  9. Street Brew Coffee
  10. Schmooze

P.S. These are in no particular order! 

Later we’ll dive into what are the “cute coffee shops in Scottsdale” because we all love a little cuteness with our brew, heyyyyyy.

Need a map of these? I got one for you below.

Click here to view a live version of the map!

map of the best coffee in scottsdale

But now, let’s dive into each of these so you can find the Scottsdale coffee hub you want to try next!

#1 Berdena’s (Best Coffee in Old Town Scottsdale)

I’ll just say it right now, Berdena’s has to be one of my favorite coffee shops in Scottsdale, AZ!

Located in Old Town, Berdena’s is a small shop tucked away in a corner that you’d easily miss if it weren’t for the line that’s usually out the door!

This Scottsdale coffee shop gets a 10/10 for atmosphere. Its bright interior makes you feel all happy inside, and you can’t help but smile at the baby blue espresso machine sitting front and center on the counter.

The coffee lives up to the hype! And so do the pastries. Try one of the croissants or avocado toast when you visit!

#2 Cartel Roasting Co.

Ask any local where to grab a coffee, and they’ll probably point you to Cartel Roasting Co. (previously Cartel Coffee Lab).

This hip shop is where you might want to go to try chewy brownies and housemade pop-tarts among their to-die-for espresso drinks. 

If you love making your coffee at home, you might want to pick up a bag of beans from here!

Cartel is easily a Scottsdale staple that all first-timers should try, especially if you’re spending a weekend in Scottsdale.

#3 Press Coffee and Roasters

Press, PRESSSSS. I can’t get enough.

If I could, I would have a latte from Press Coffee and Roasters every day. 

I do, actually, because this is where I get my coffee beans.

Anyhoot, you’ll come here for the vibes, but you’ll stay for the roasts.

Press is the kind of place any coffee lover should go. You can enjoy their fantastic cold brew, espresso classics, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, one of their coffee shakers that come in fun flavors like peanut butter.

There are Press locations up and down Scottsdale, which means you’re never too far away from a coffee fix. If you’re looking for a place to get some work done, their fast wifi and cozy lounges will be perfect for you.

P.S. The mochas are great too! 

#4 Sip Coffee and Beer House

Love coffee and a good beer? Perfect! Sip Coffee and Beer House is the place for you.

You’ll love Sip for its rustic atmosphere, complete with live performances.

And if that doesn’t sell you, come here for a housemade pretzel!

Or, orrrr, you can enjoy a cocktail too.

In a rush? Skip Starbucks—there’s a drive-thru here!

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#5 Fourtillfour Cafe (Must-See Local Coffee Shop in Scottsdale)

Calling all car lovers. Fourtillfour is the Scottsdale coffee shop you never knew you needed in your life.

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Fourtillfour was founded in 2007. 

Aside from having good @$$ coffee, they’ve become a community favorite for their love of vehicles—from hot rods to adventure mobiles to classic Porches.

Truthfully, I’m not huge on cars, but when you come here on a car show day, you’ll go ga-ga over the aesthetics of the whole thing—Kelly Green Porche? Yes, please.

But seriously, this should be high on your list if you find yourself in the Old Town area. 

Their outdoor patio area is bright, airy, perfect for furbabies and a great place to catch up with friends.

If you like a good origin story, you can read all about the owner and the inspiration behind the cafe in their blog here.

And you can keep up with their events here. The Porsche show is on the 1st Saturday of every month.

P.S. They also have a cute AF blue espresso machine.

#6 Mythical (Maverick) Coffee (Unique Scottsdale Coffee Shop)

Mythical Coffee, previously Maverick, has some of the best specialty coffee in Scottsdale. It’s where you can enjoy a tasty lavender latte or a blueberry cold foam (YUM)—seriously. 

The drinks are so colorful and fun that it’s something my inner child, unicorn-loving self, is obsessed with.

Prickly pear and hibiscus latte? Sure! Why not?

This North Scottsdale coffee shop doesn’t skip out on serving delicious treats. I’m talking about vegan donuts (YASSS) and savory goodies.

And when you walk inside, you’ll love their colorful menu as you cozy on up in their newly remodeled bright and inviting interior!

If you’re visiting with someone who isn’t super into coffee, Mythical has a menu of non-coffee drinks like kombucha and London Fog.

#7 Yellow Spruce

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love Yellow Spruce. Known for its espresso and gelato, you can probably guess that they have a mean affogato too.

Can we really pass up an opportunity to enjoy a good @$$ coffee and gelato? I think not.

Roasted Banana Dulce de Leche? LITERALLY SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM. I’LL TAKE 2.

But what you’ll find special about Yellow Spruce is its yellow and green color palette that makes you want to lay in a pleasant forest somewhere. 

And I’m not far off from thinking about that. 

Check out what the owner Brian has to say about the name:

“Yellow Spruce is a representation of our personal origins, which began in the Colorado pines and firmly rests in the Arizona desert. Our travels have taken us all over the world in both leisure and service. Our logo, a lone spruce twig shrouded by yellow and green, are reminders of the places we call home.” 

#8 Echo Coffee

Echo Coffee is a quaint coffee shop in Scottsdale known for its great beans and baked in-house treats.

Aside from a decadent muffin or cowboy cookie, pair your lattes with one of their vegan BLT sandwiches or a PB&J!

But you’ll REALLY love the view of Arizona’s Camelback Mountain when you come here.

They name all the in-house roasted beans after their fur babies (cute touch), and 1% of every purchase gets donated to the Arizona Humane Society.

#9 Street Brew Coffee (Cool Scottsdale Coffee Spot)

Coffee lovers like you will probably agree with the giant mural inside of Street Brew that reads “Life Begins After Coffee”—true.

Street Brew is known for rich and robust coffee drinks that are unmatched!

You’ll love their cappuccinos and fresh pastries as you relax in their moody black and white interior—don’t worry, though, the staff is anything but moody and will make you feel right at home!

And how can we not talk about the freaking VIBES in this place? A Scottsdale coffee shop playing classic hip-hop tracks? SIGN ME UP, FAM.

It’s a great place if you want to enjoy a coffee and just have some fun! A total 180 from the traditional relaxing “hipster” coffee shop we’re used to.

And for that, it deserves a place on your “must-see” Scottsdale coffee spots list. 

#10 Schmooze (Best Scottsdale Coffee Shop for Getting Sh*t Done)

Schmooze is much more than a coffee shop. It’s a great cafe for brunch AND it’s a co-working space!

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, when you come here, you can enjoy a seat in their front garden area while you gulf down a black coffee and some hashbrowns.

Schmooze caters to entrepreneurs and business professionals who want a place to enjoy a fun atmosphere and get work done. They have a conference room folks can use for meetings—super unique to the space!

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a lovely morning with friends and walk around the Old Town Scottsdale area!

Cute Coffee Shops in Scottsdale

While there are 10 of the best coffee shops in Scottsdale up there, we have to have a moment to talk about which ones are the cutest.

Sure, cuteness level is probably subjective; at the end of the day, these are just my opinions.

And yes, cuteness has nothing to do with how good the coffee is, but I do believe the environment, overall atmosphere, and aesthetics place a large part in whether or not we choose to visit a place (sometimes, anyways).

So of the 10 shops we just discussed, these are what I would call cute coffee shops in Scottsdale AZ:

  • Berdena’s—Probably the cutest of the bunch! You can’t beat the beautiful tile and blue espresso machine.
  • Fourtillfour—We love a nice outdoor seating area. And the car shows are a VIBE. Bring your film cameras.
  • Mystical Coffee—The drinks are colorful, the interior is bright, and the whole place screams narwhal, unicorn. Haha.

Picking Which Shop to Visit

How do you pick which of the best coffee shops in Scottsdale you will visit? Here are a few parting tips for you.

Pick Your Vibe

Are you a sing-a-long to hip hop kind of person, or do you need to hunker down and get a ton of work done for the day? 

Or are you looking for one of the most Instagrammable places in Scottsdale?

Depending on your mood and what environment you want to immerse yourself in, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and find the right coffee place for you!

Have an Itinerary

Scottsdale is a fairly large city. So if you’re spending a weekend in Scottsdale (click on that link to read my blog), you’ll want to plan where you’re going!

That’ll help you find coffee shops in the areas you’ll spend the most time in.

This list of coffee in Scottsdale has something in just about every area in the city!

Use Them as Snack Time

I would venture to say that most people don’t visit coffee shops just for coffee. We come for the coffee and stay for the food, duh!

If you’re having trouble deciding what coffee shop to visit, look at their menus and decide what kind of food you might be in the mood for.

For example, if you’re feeling for ice cream, Yellow Spruce would tick all the boxes for you with their gelato!


You probably expect me to say this, but overall you can’t go wrong with which coffee shop you visit. That’s why these are the best Scottsdale coffee shops!

I hope this blog gave you some inspo on your coffee adventure. Planning on spending more time in Scottsdale?

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