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Sedona is a natural paradise and a top spot for travelers worldwide.  It has gorgeous and dramatic red rock formations, saguaro cacti across the desert landscape, and stunning creeks and canyons.  In Sedona, things to do aren’t far from reach, but you might be wondering where to start. If you aren’t into fitness, there are […]


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Ultimate Sedona vs. Moab Guide: Which Is Best for You?

From the energy-lifting vortexes in Sedona to the dazzling array of natural arches near Moab, there’s no denying these two quaint towns have much to offer. Sedona is in central Arizona, and Moab is in eastern Utah, so they’re not exactly close neighbors. This begs the question: when exploring the United States, which town should […]


female wearing a white beanie looking out at the sunset from lover's knoll sedona arizona


Is Sedona Worth Visiting? (& Why You Need To Go)

Sedona, Arizona, is a city that has captured the hearts and imaginations of travelers worldwide. Sedona is a unique destination known for its orangey-red rock formations, abundant spiritual energy, and many outdoor activities. But is it worth the trip?  If you’re not yet sold by what you’ve heard about Sedona, this guide offers a balanced […]


Campervan in Sedona Arizona


4 Amazing Sedona Scenic Drives & Road Trip Ideas

If you’re traveling through Sedona, sightseeing by car is one of the best ways to take in the unique scenery, especially if you don’t have much time to explore.  Not only will these four routes provide you with exceptional and uninterrupted views of the landscape, but they also give access to key sites. Places like […]


female looking out at a golden sunset from Lovers Knoll Sedona arizona


7-Day Sedona Itinerary: Ultimate Guide for a Week Trip

Towering red rocks, mystic vortexes, mesmerizing sunsets, and verdant forestry — sounds like something straight out of a fantasy book, right? Well, it’s all real, and it’s called Sedona, known for its stunning landscape, and it also happens to just be one of my favorite places in Arizona. I can’t be selfish and keep it […]


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8 Things to Do in Sedona That Aren’t Hiking But Just As Cool

Sedona is beloved for its gorgeous red rock formations, picturesque hiking trails, and its spiritual energy. While hiking trails may dominate the conversation, there are plenty of must-dos in Sedona beyond trekking through its majestic canyons and visiting its four vortexes.  From its vibrant arts scene to its museums, shops, cultural experiences, and outdoor adventures, […]


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United States

13 Best Stops Along Big Sur Highway 1 You Must See

Stradling California’s North Pacific Coast, Highway 1 provides one of the most scenic drives in the United States. The Big Sur portion of this route offers you over 70 miles of rugged coastlines and stunning ocean views. But there’s so much more for you to discover. From iconic bridges and wildlife-laden state parks to gushing […]


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7 Best Sedona, Arizona Spa Retreats

Looking to spoil yourself with luxurious spa treatments while staying among the magical vortexes and red rocks of Sedona? If that sounds like the ultimate escape, then consider one of these stunning Sedona, Arizona spa retreats.  While most resorts often provide spa and wellness facilities, only a few reign supreme in terms of world-class services […]


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6 Best Places to Stay in Sedona for Couples | Romantic Hotels

Nothing beats a couple’s trip to the Red Rock Country, Sedona. From the breathtaking natural beauty of the endless canyons to the bustling stores and restaurant district in Uptown Sedona, you can’t go wrong booking a few nights in some of these locales. Whether you’re traveling from afar or looking for a lovely staycation in […]


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National Parks

8 AMAZING Things to Do in Sequoia National Park in 2024

Looking for the best things to do in Sequoia National Park? This natural oasis, nestled in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, ranks highly on any list of California’s national parks.  Known for its forest of grand sequoia trees, gorgeous lakes, and seemingly endless hiking trails, the park is a favorite amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Established in […]



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