(16) Brand Pitch & Negotiation Email Scripts


I get it—you're ready to start pitching brands for sponsored content, but you don't know WHAT to say. Or worse: how do you ask brands for money? When I was a new influencer, I struggled with the same issues. After a ton of trial, error, time, and tears, I was finally able to start selling my content creator services in a way that communicated the VALUE I could bring brands. Now, as a full-time influencer and influencer coach, The Pitch Vault is the booster I wish I had when I started my influencer journey! 


(16) Fill-In-The-Blank Scripts: DM templates,  brand pitch templates, follow-up emails, hotel & AirBnB templates for free stays, sending your rates, turning a free product offer into a paid deal.

An email transcript that details HOW I pitched and landed a 4-figure brand deal using the tools I provide you in the Vault. 

Tips for preparing for brand deals and action items to complete beforehand, so you're sending pitches that get replies!

The Pitch Vault is accessible through Teachable! Upon ordering, you'll create a free account and have lifetime access to the templates.


Being a freelance influencer is already such a headache, and you don't have time to figure out how to make your pitches stand out amongst the thousands of other influencers competing for the same brand gigs! So stop DIYing it and say hello to The Pitch Vault—your new brand pitching and negotiating bestie. AKA the tool you need to start landing paid brand deals.