Hawaii Packing List for Your Next Island Vacation

Jan 30, 2022

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Post Summary: This blog will act as your complete Hawaii packing list for your next vacation to any of the Hawaiian islands. Woo! 

Ohhhh, Hawaii: one of the most expensive places to live and possibly travel to, in the USA, BUT YOU CAN HAVE MY MONEY. 

I love Hawaii. I love everything about it, from the beaches to the jungle landscape, mountains, and the copious amounts of acai I tend to eat there. Brain freeze, amirite? LOL.

I’m serious, though! If you’re reading this packing for Hawaii blog, I’m assuming that you’re preparing for your trip there. In which case, I’m jealous AF – congrats! 

Got room for one more ;). Kidding, kidding – okay, but really can I come with? 

Hawaii Packing List Blog Expectations

In all seriousness, I KNOW you’re going to love your Hawaii vacation. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Oahu and Kauai. Heck, I have an entire Kauai travel guide I wrote up because I love it there so much!

The purpose of this Hawaii packing list blog is to make your life a little bit easier by speaking from EXPERIENCE on what I believe you should bring with you on your trip. 

Side note, this is mainly a Hawaii packing list female edition, but males can, of course, reference this to get an idea of what to bring. In addition, I have included some recommendations on the male equivalents to the female gear I mention.

Also, I’ve broken up these Hawaii trip essentials into categories from clothes to toiletries to keep things nice and organized. Therefore you should be able to easily navigate this post!

Packing for Hawaii Disclaimer

Hey booskie, this blog contains affiliate links which means I earn a small percentage of every purchase at no additional cost to you. Of course, you do NOT have to purchase anything using my links. But when you do, that small commission helps support my blog where we can be internet friends ;). Regardless, thank you for being here!

This goes without saying, but I ONLY recommend products I know and love.

Your Hawaii Packing List in Regards to Weather

The Hawaiian Islands are known for their tropical weather. So what does that mean for you and your Hawaii packing list? 

You need to come prepared! 

Of course, I will line out my recommendations for you, but know that layering will be your best friend. If you’re a hiker, you’ll want to make sure you pack gear that’ll benefit you for any weather scenario: lots of wind, sudden rain, then a random splash of sunshine.

Things to Pack for Hawaii

*Sigh* so, even though I’m not coming with you on your Hawaiian vacation, let’s get into the packing list!

Hawaii Packing List Essential #1: Clothing

When thinking of Hawaii trip essentials, you DEFINITELY want to make sure you bring the proper clothing. Therefore, I’ve included items to bring hiking and more fashionable choices for this section of our packing guide.

For Lookin’ Cute Day Or Night

I think Hawaii is like the perfect destination to introduce some color into your life. These are some of my favorite pieces from Urban Outfitters and Free People.

For Going Out On An Adventure

REI is usually my go-to for outdoor gear. I’ve included some men’s and women’s gear pieces in this list. Scott and I have personally used some of these. The best part about most of the items on this list is that you can bring them on any trip once you own them!

Easily, my favorite item on this portion of our Hawaii packing list is the Chaco sandals. I will never purchase another pair of hiking sandals after owning these. They have the best grip, don’t smell bad after like 3 uses, and are super comfortable.

Women’s Hiking Gear
Men’s Hiking Gear

Hawaii Packing List Essential #2: Ocean Attire

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re going to hit the beach, lmao. So you’ll need some water gear as well!

In general, I love shopping at Urban Outfitters for swimwear. I also love Aerie and Frankies Bikinis! Frankies Bikinis probably has some of the cuter swimwear out there, in my opinion, and it’s usually good quality.

Hawaii Packing List Essential #3: Travel Food Items

Anytime I travel, I bring my own food storage items and food with me. I find it MUCH easier to seal unfinished items when I have my own containers. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on vacation wishing I had a damn Tupperware bowl… I’m serious!

You see, when I go on vacation, I usually head right to the grocery store to stock up on snacks. 

And I’m a HUGE snack person, but bringing boxes of crackers and bags of trail mix with me everywhere get’s annoying. I’d rather have a little container I can put some snacks in.

I find that Stasher bags get the job done. No more open bags of trail mix left behind! Stasher bags are also great for storing liquid toiletries you’re worried will leak everywhere.

Also, I love a good cup discount for having my own travel mug for coffee.

Hawaii Packing List Essential #4: A Place To Call Home

Camping on your Hawaii vacation? I got you, boo. 

For Sleeping Under The Stars

I’ve been using my Big Agnes Tiger Wall tent for years now, and it has served me well! It’s incredibly lightweight and is the perfect color for pictures. Also, you really can’t go wrong with the REI Magma sleeping bag.

For Seeing The Ground Under The Stars LOL

For Cooking In The Wild

Hawaii Packing List Essential #5: Toiletries

Toiletries are usually personal, which is why this list is so short. Regardless, I suggest brining a good lotion and sunscreen with you!

Hawaii Packing List Essential #6: Electronics

You’ll probably want to take pictures on your trip, so don’t forget to add electronics to your Hawaii packing list!

Hawaii Vacation Packing List – My Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Those are just about all of my recommendations for your Hawaii vacation packing list. 

If you enjoyed this Hawaii packing list or use it, please let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you. Don’t worry, we can still be friends even though I won’t be going to the islands with you ;). Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful information. You are inspiring me for camping in Kauai. I’m sure most people can take notes from this article. One thing most people lack experience while camping in Kauai. I have a couple of young friends that are going to camping in Kauai soon. Well, this post gives us some good ideas for camping in Kauai.

    • Meg Pickup says:

      The only point I agree in your HOW TO MEET PEOPLE is Hostels. Are we really at the point that we start recommending people to go on internet to find friends?

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