All Access Influencer Toolkit


"What is a media kit?" "How do I ask brands for money?" "Ugh, why is this influencer thing so stressful?"—ahhhh! The horror! If you're a new or current influencer, you already have enough going on. Feeling overwhelmed with all of these questions is NOT the vibe. And it wastes time you can be spending on your influencer career. So let me help: snag the All Access Influencer Bundle. It includes ALL templates in my shop AND my Reels Course—the tool every influencer needs to grow, land paid brand deals, and create a professional personal brand. But more importantly, you'll feel confident AF pitching your services!

features & Can't miss Benefits

ALL the tools you need to take your brand to the next level and confidently start landing PAID brand deals

Your influencer bestie and a mega time saver with fill-in-the-blank templates and a done-for-you road map to creating binge worthy Reels/ TikToks!

Lifetime access to ALL templates in my shop—Brand Pitch & Negotiation Scripts, 6-Page Media Kit, Rate Card, One-Page Media Kit, Case Studies, Campaign Report—so you can update the templates as your brand grows ($116)

Lifetime access to my Reels Course so you can refer to as needed ($45)

Perfect for current or aspiring influencers who are serious about expanding their skills, growing their brand, and have the desire to land paid brand deals, but don't know where to start


I created every single template from my experience as an accomplished influencer. No more wasting time guessing what to say to brands. No more haphazardly creating a media kit and hoping sponsors like it. And no more rushing to make a Reel, then crossing your fingers hoping that the algorithm gods will pick it up. You're about to super Mario-type level up your influencer game!

$161 value