Ultimate Influencer Starter Pack


"How do I make a media kit?"

"How do I ask brands for money?"

"How do I make viral Reels and TikToks?"

Influencers like you don't need to be overwhelmed with all of these questions.

So snag this Ultimate Influencer Starter Pack and Toolkit.

It's ALL the goodies me and my clients use to book 4 and 5-figure deals (REI, Toyota, American Express), create engaging videos, and pitch brands with ease!

Perfect for the "just getting started" influencer & current influencers who are booking brand deals but not at the prices they want yet.


($161 value)

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features & Can't miss Benefits

Lifetime access to ALL 20+ fill-in-the-blank templates in my shop

- Brand Pitch & Negotiation Scripts
- 6-Page Media Kit, Rate Card
- One-Page Media Kit
- Case Studies
- Campaign Report

BONUS: Lifetime access to my Viral Reels & TikToks E-Book (value: $45)

Canva templates (like the media kit) can be edited with a free Canva account. Editing help videos included.

The entire Toolkit is accessible in Teachable! Upon ordering, you'll create a free account and have lifetime access to the templates.

Perfect for current or aspiring influencers who are serious about expanding their skills, growing their brand, and have the desire to land paid brand deals, but don't know where to start.


($161 total value)

            —Brand Pitch & Negotiation Scripts, 6-Page Media Kit, Rate Card, One-Page Media Kit, Case Studies, Campaign Report (value: $116)

Lifetime access to ALL 20+ fill-in-the-blank templates in my shop (value: $116)

"I landed my first paid brand deal with 1,000 followers!"

"I have landed brand deals with only 1,000 followers! I am truly shocked that I was able to land deals with such a small following! I give all the credit to Dani's guidance!"

- @aplanandplace

This could be you!


Get your Toolkit!

Hi! I'm Dani.

i can help because i've been there

I was fired from my 9-5 and I turned that loss into 230k+ followers & 6-figures worth of brand deals.

After being fired, I decided to give the influencer thing a shot, wasting YEARS in the DIY phase.

And after tons of trial and error, I finally figured out the "secret Krabby Patty formulas" for writing pitches, creating a media kit, and growing my community.

I've been able to work with brands like Mazda, American Express, and TripAdvisor, travel the world, and help other influencers do the same!

My mission is to pull you out of the DIY loop so you can spend more time growing your influencer business.



More wins!

Client win!

$5,200 Brand Deal:

$10,000 Brand Deal:

$16,500 Brand Deal:

$3,000 Brand Deal:



($161 total value)

Questions people ask before saying "YASSSSSS" to the toolkit

"Is the Toolkit for me? Who is this for?"

If you're a new or current influencer who...
  • Has never landed a paid sponsorship and isn't sure where to start
  • Wants to make more money from your brand sponsors because you're sick of playing small
  • Is feeling unconfident with the idea of negotiating your own deals, pitching, or creating a media kit
  • Is serious about expanding your video skills, organically growing your brand, and has the desire to land paid brand deals like a pro
Then yes, this Influencer Toolkit was made for you!

"I'm still unsure how to customize the templates and how to use these tools. Will you help?"

Each template and tool in the Influencer Toolkit comes with educational content and video guides. AND they're all in a fill-in-the-blank format!

So you'll be able to customize each template in minutes without guessing what to say!

In my help videos, I also explain how to best use these tools.
The Canva templates can be customized using a free Canva account. No photoshop or design skills are required!

"Will this help me if I have a small following?"

Yes! Micro and nano creators (aka folks with under 100K followers) are some of the most valuable and highly desired influencers.

Brands love working with small creators like you who have a great relationship with your audience.

You just need to know how to sell yourself, which is what this Toolkit will help with. I have clients with under 5,000 followers landing brand deals with these tools!

"Okay, so what exactly is inside?"

  • BONUS: My Viral TikToks & Reels E-Book on how to create engaging videos that grow your following
  • All the Canva templates in my shop: 6-Page Media Kit, Rate Card, One-Page Media Kit, Case Studies, Campaign Report
  • (17) Brand Pitch and Negotiation Email Scripts so you can pitch brands with confidence and ask for money with even more confidence
$161 value, but you get it for $97!

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You get a win! You get a win!