My photography in sum is meant to capture the ‘essence’ of life. Seems a bit loaded, but in other words, I always want my photos to be a reflection of how I view life and the world around me. Whether that’s portraits or travel photography, my photos are your invitation to see life’s *magic* through my eyes. 



The Experience

As a photographer, I work with lifestyle and travel brands to tell their unique products story. 

When you hire me for commercial shoots, licensing, or a social media campaign, we’ll work together to capture images that best represent your brand. Again, everything I do is from a storytelling perspective.

Unlike other content creators, my client’s unique story will always come first. I am diligent about the brands I partner with because I want to ensure that my content and my community can better serve you and your brand’s unique needs. Authentic storytelling is at the foundation of my work!

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Check out this list of happy clients who have all worked with the Dani The Explorer team.

If you’re interested in seeing case studies and my media kit, feel free to contact me for more information. 










Travel & Leisure

American Express

Discover Puerto Rico 

Go Dominican Republic

Vera Bradley


Whole Foods

Rosetta Stone

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"I enjoyed reviewing your deliverables! Your photos are beautiful and I’m loving the blog – fantastic job! We seriously love how organized you are."

- The REI Team

Let’s tell your story!

Ready to connect with me and the Explorer community?  If we’re a match *fingers crossed*, my team and I will work diligently to capture photography that highlights what your mission is all about. If you choose to work with me on a social media campaign, we’ll then come up with content that’ll authentically connect your brand with the 3M+ Explorer community.

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