0 to 100 Reels Challenge - Reels Course

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Are your Reels not getting the views they deserve? Figuring out the algorithm and how to grow on Instagram is frustrating enough. So stop DIYing your growth and get help from an influencer who's already done it. In the next 5 days you can start creating Reels that generate 100 new followers a week—or more if you're going in beast mode, ha! In 5 short videos, you will learn how to create high-performing Reels that attract the viewers you want and convert into your loving fans.  

Inside the 0-100 Reels Challenge, you'll find the exact strategies I and my #Sponsored Bootcamp students use to create viral Reels on repeat. Plus, you'll walk away from this course having a plan to create Reels moving forward. No more feeling overwhelmed about short videos! The best part about this course is you can use these skills to develop better TikToks and YouTube Shorts—more growth for you!

What's inside

- 5 short videos with instructional content on how to create high-performing Reels. PLUS a BONUS Reels Editing Tutorial.

- Videos: Creating value-add Reels; Hashtags for Reels;  Structuring Reels to encourage longer watch time; Adding finishing touches to get viewers to hit "follow"

- Downloadable PDF Workbooks, checklists, and resources to help you on your better Reels journey.


I did the 5 day Reel challenge as well and found it so helpful. I figured if I am already making the videos it wouldn’t hurt to put them up on TikTok as well. I used there tips on how to go viral and my first week of using TikTok went viral with the video below getting over 7 million views. I also posted in on Instagram and it got 100k views which is amazing. So just want to say that the tips work and to keep creating content. Before posting the video I nearly didn’t put it out because I thought it was a bit boring. So happy I did and remember you won’t know unless you put it out there. Thanks for all the helpful tips Dani and sharing your secrets.

- Nicole

If you have been procrastinating taking this course do it now! My very first Reel following Dani's recommendations and it outperformed all of my previous ones 10 fold. It takes time, patience, and consistency, but these strategies DO work!

- Sarah