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where and when to see northern lights

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The Northern Lights are on many people’s bucket lists (and social media feeds) and remain a breathtaking sight each time. So, it’s perfectly reasonable that you might feel a tinge of FOMO and want to see the wondrously painted night sky in person. But where and when to see the Northern Lights? Luckily, aurora borealis […]


bryce national park utah covered in winter snow

National Parks

These 8 US National Parks Look Like a Snow Globe in Winter

Winter transforms America’s National Parks into serene wonderlands, offering unique and peaceful experiences amidst snowy landscapes. This blog takes you through the best US national parks to visit in winter, each presenting its own winter magic.  These parks are more than just summer destinations, from Yellowstone’s snowy geysers to the quiet, frosted trails of the […]


female hiker sitting in front of lake moraine in banff in winter


THIS Is How You Plan The Perfect Banff In Winter Trip

Ready for the winter trip of a lifetime that’ll make you feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie? Banff in winter has entered the chat. You might know that Banff in summer or Banff in fall is amazing, BUT with the right planning this Canadian gem can be even more magical. In this post, I’m […]


clouds over icefields parkway in banff in winter


11 INCREDIBLE Things to Do In Banff In Winter

Gatorade blue water, mountain peaks, and endless adventure make Banff, Canada a special place to visit. And while some folks save this bucket list destination for the summer months, exploring things to do in Banff in winter can be equally, if not more, special.  With a heavy dusting of snow, it becomes a winter wonderland […]



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