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I believe the                 are told when we can align the value  your products and services offer with the right content.

I believe the 
                are told when we can align the value your products and services offer with the right content.

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As a travel and lifestyle Instagram influencer, I work with brands in various capacities ranging from sponsored content (posts, blogs, videos) that I share with my audience to image and video licensing to ambassador and spokesman partnerships. Ideally, our partnership together will be customized to fit your brand and your needs! 

best stories

Ways to partner:


Social Media Posts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, as well as Sponsored Blog Posts on

Speaking & Modeling

Interviews, Speaking Opportunities, and Press Trips, as well as Modeling.


Photo and Video Licensing, and Custom Social Media Campaigns and Ambassadorships.

My Approach

Every brand is different which means every partnership should be different! Whether you need one thing from me or a package of sorts, I love tailoring my content creation services to fit your brand and your story. 

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"I enjoyed reviewing your deliverables! Your photos are beautiful and I’m loving the blog – fantastic job! We seriously love how organized you are."

- The REI Team

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American Express x Travel & Leisure

Objective: As an AMEX Ambassador, I was asked to direct my followers to the AMEX Credit Intel where my community can learn about budgeting and credit card tips for saving on their next travels. 

• Over a 3 month period, Explorer community members clicked through in the hundreds to Credit Intel posts.
• Travel & Leisure used my social media content for paid ads, resulting in thousands of impressions to AMEX’s website.

REI Gear Up, Get Out

Objective: In partnership with REI, I was tasked to show how I would get outside with sustainable products. Along the way, the REI's Gear Up Get Out sale was highlighted.

• Overall, the content generated over 200,000 impressions.
• Content helped drive thousands of dollars in sales to REI and raise awareness for the importance of supporting eco-friendly brands whose mission is to serve the planet.

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Discover South Carolina

Objective: Explore the beauty of South Carolina during autumn, and share my travels with my community to inspire them to add SC to their bucket-lists!

• Content generated 100,000+ impressions on @dani_the_explorer.
• Posts received a number of comments from viewers stating they would love to see SC in the Fall.

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