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golden sunset on cathedral rock over sedona arizona

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Sedona’s landscape is visually stunning and a spiritual haven, home to several renowned vortexes – areas where energy is believed to be especially concentrated.  In this blog, we delve into Sedona’s most popular vortexes ranked best to worst.  Each offers a unique blend of natural beauty and spiritual energy, and I have been to all […]


scottsdale food guide


Scottsdale Food Guide, AZ — All The Best Places To Eat

Scottsdale, Arizona, oh how you’ve captured my culinary heart! With a food scene as vibrant and diverse as the stunning desert landscapes surrounding the city, Scottsdale deserves its own moment in the foodie spotlight.  This ultimate guide is full of my recommendations on where to eat in Scottsdale, whether you’re a first-time visitor or new […]


36 hours in scottsdale


36 Hours in Scottsdale: Weekend Itinerary & Travel Guide

Luxurious resorts, spas, world-class golf courses, towering saguaros, and rugged cliffs define Scottsdale in a nutshell. But there’s more to this city than what meets the eye. With this 36-hour itinerary, you’ll get the best of both worlds, from famous attractions to unique hidden gems — coming from someone who has lived in Scottsdale for […]


A Day in Downtown Phoenix


One Day in Phoenix | Best Downtown Attractions + Map

The country’s fifth largest city, the shining capital of Arizona state, and the jewel of the Sonoran Desert: it’s time to zone in on Phoenix. “The Valley” is a picturesque, sunny, year-round desert escape that’s far from dry, dull, or boring. Whether you’re after interesting discoveries, a booming nightlife scene, cultural explorations, or outdoor adventures, […]


Ultimate Arizona Utah Road Trip Itinerary


Perfect Arizona Utah Road Trip – Bucket List Southwest Itinerary

Imagine a world with endless sunrises and sunsets that are so beautiful they leave you feeling enchanted and unworthy of their presence all at the same time (kidding). The only world capable of this magical kind of spell is the USA Southwest. And if you’ve never been to this part of the States before, there’s […]


scottsdale vs. phoenix


ULTIMATE Scottsdale vs. Phoenix Desert City Guide | Local Recs

Need help deciding whether to visit Scottsdale or Phoenix? I’ve been there! Arizona’s sunny spots have a lot to offer. Phoenix is this big, lively place full of cool stuff to do, and Scottsdale? It’s more laid-back and classy. Hence, looking at Scottsdale vs. Phoenix could help plan your southwest trip. Both cities, nestled in […]


canyonlands vs. grand canyon


Canyonlands vs. Grand Canyon: Which Is Better?

When it comes to spectacular natural wonders, nothing in the United States comes close to the magical landscapes of the Southwest. And trust me — you’ll want to see it all. From the rugged terrains of Utah, dotted with mesas, plateaus, and river-eroded canyons, to the deserted lands of Arizona full of saguaros, the American […]


scottsdale arizona travel guide


Ultimate Scottsdale Travel Guide for Your Bucket List AZ Trip

If you’re looking for a southwest town that’ll blow you away, Scottsdale, Arizona, is a perfect choice. This Scottsdale travel guide has all the info to help you plan the perfect getaway. I absolutely love Scottsdale for so many reasons and I hope this guide helps you love it too. It provides guests with a […]


Grand Canyon First-Time Visitor

National Parks

Grand Canyon First-Time Visitor | Travel Guide & Tips

Planning on visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time? Well, stick around because you’ll find all you need to know before your visit right here. And as an Arizona local, I pride myself on knowing just about everything there is to know about the park (kidding) — I’ll be pulling from my experience to […]


Day Trip to Sedona from Scottsdale


Perfect Day Trip to Sedona from Scottsdale | Bucket List 24 Hours

If you want to be enchanted by Sedona’s stunning landscape, then a day trip to Sedona from Scottsdale should be on the cards. During this 24-hour journey, you’ll soak up the breathtaking beauty of Sedona’s renowned red rock formations. And with everything you’ll get to see and do, your trip from Scottsdale to Sedona will […]



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