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Post Summary: This blog will act as your complete Hawaii packing list for your next vacation to any of the Hawaiian islands. Woo!  Ohhhh, Hawaii: one of the most expensive places to live and possibly travel to, in the USA, BUT YOU CAN HAVE MY MONEY.  I love Hawaii. I love everything about it, from […]


Kauai Travel Blog and Itinerary by Dani The Explorer

United States

Kauai Travel Blog: Itinerary & Adventures for the Trip of a Lifetime

This post is meant to be your complete Kauai travel blog packed with a Kauai itinerary (2 actually), and the top things to do (no 40+ damn things to do because at that point you might as well move there lmao). All written with adventure lovers and explorers in mind! The first time I visited […]



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