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If you’re a Sedona first timer, a Devil’s Bridge sunrise should have been on your bucket list like yesterday. Duh! Devil’s Bridge is notably one, if not THE most popular, Sedona, Arizona landmark. I mean, who doesn’t love a natural bridge you can cross at your own risk? HA. Kidding. The structure of Devil’s Bridge […]



Hiking Cathedral Rock Vortex: A Sedona Must (Trail Guide)

Pictures don’t do Cathedral Rock justice. Upon reaching the Cathedral Rock Vortex, you immediately feel this sense of otherworldly awe. The red rock pillars are larger than life and have a way of making you realize just how massive, magical, and unique our world is.  Wow, I should be a Cathedral Rock salesman, huh? As […]


Best Sedona Hikes - girl watching sunset at a Sedona, AZ vista


10 Sedona Sunrise & Sunset Hikes That Are Pure Magic

Sedona, Arizona, is an oasis for photographers, hikers, and explorers, full of vortexes, red rocks, and adventures. Sounds magical, right? That’s because it IS! But you know what’s really amazing? Sedona sunsets and sunrises! With Sedona being a hiker’s heaven, there are TONS of trails to explore, but not all are ideal for sunset and […]


Doe Mountain trail


Doe Mountain Trail Sedona – An Easy Sunrise Hike (Trail Guide)

Okay, you’re on your way to Sedona, and you’re getting SO pumped for the hiking readily available. HOWEVER, you quickly realize that you know what? You’re not in the mood for a long hike. If there was only a way to enjoy the beauty of Sedona without all of the efforts – oH NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Let me introduce […]


Sunset at Hidden Lake Overlook Trail

National Parks

Hidden Lake Overlook Trail: The Best Hike in Glacier NP

Close your eyes for a second and picture this with me. Imagine wooden planks lined symmetrically up a small valley. You stop to catch your breath and look behind you for a quick second to notice that mountains surround you. I’m talking about 360 views of peak goodness, and they’re covered in the softest pastels. This […]



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